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Introduce Yourself : Introducing myself by Melanie Star Scot

Melanie Star Scot

Introducing myself

Hi all! I received the email from RB to "Introduce Yourself", so this is me. :)

I wanted to work in film and television since I was a tiny girl but lost the dream somewhere along the path of life. When I accompanied my 15 year old actor son to his first film set, I was hooked! Enamored with every aspect of being on a set, I knew I was where I had always belonged! I began working on every set I could for free, in all departments, just to get the experience and learn how a set operated from bottom to top.

At age 49, I accomplished a life long dream and made my first short film "The Box". I'm incredibly proud of it as a first time producer and director and it won some nice, small awards. I have since written, produced and directed 2 more shorts and have written an action/drama feature script, "Phoenix 454". Executives at the AFM in Santa Monica told me that my idea was "genius" and "has the potential for mass, global appeal." So I produced and directed a 23 minute long Proof of Concept film for the script, which was edited by Clint Eastwoods editor of the last 20 years: Liz Radley. Liz told me the script is amazing and while editing my footage, told me that I was a very good director! I premiered that POC in North Carolina and Los Angeles and have been bowled over by the enthusiastic and positive feedback that it has gotten! The script has since been selected as a Quarter Finalist in the distinguished ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship.

I tend to write for people who need a "boost" - a "lift" - people who have failed to live up to their own expectations and dreams, who need to be inspired and motivated, as well as entertained. This is usually people aged 30-35 and over but in "Phoenix 454", I have written in characters and elements that will appeal to the younger 15-30 demographic as well, in other cultures and especially the Asian film market.

I would love to connect with a good talent agent and am also looking to network with Producers and Executive Producers who can help get "Phoenix 454" made into the blockbuster that I wrote it to be. :)

Hopefully, I have my Stage 32 profile set up with relevant and helpful info and my full bio and credits are here on my IMDb profile: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm4221506/

Thanks so much for reading!


Melanie Star Scot - IMDb
Melanie Star Scot - IMDb
Melanie Star Scot, Writer: Sangria Lift. Melanie Star Scot is an American screenwriter, producer and director. In April 2015, she was nominated as "Best Local Filmmaker" in the entertainment magazine…

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