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Monty Dobson

Introducing myself

Hi, I am a first time producer currently filming a doc series for PBS on American history and archaeology. Am new to the industry having been in acedemia and archaeology until I started this project. Am now planing to transition to making more doc series and factual programs. Check out my pilot at

America's Archaeology
America's Archaeology
Join Dr. Monty Dobson for the expedition to uncover America's archaeological history on public television. America From the Ground Up follows Monty in each episode as he digs into a different chapter…
Randy Hall

Hi Monty, is this a spec series that got picked up by PBS? I watched a few minutes of it and it's very nicely produced, clearly you have a good team helping you on this.

Doug Nelson

I like the pilot. Do you know about The Archaeology Channel?

Rachael Saltzman

Congratulations! Those are my favorite types of projects.

Monty Dobson

Randy, I produced it on spec. Thanks for the positive feedback. The series has evolved into an innovative partnership with my university.

Monty Dobson

Thanks guys!

Richard "RB" Botto

Welcome to the neighborhood, Monty.

Janet Biery

Monty, Fascinating topic. Impressed by your series - will we see it soon on PBS. Want to watch more.

Valerie Bittner

Very cool! My daughter was a history major and just got her masters at Georgetown. I'm going to share this with her. Look forward to watching the series!

Gabriella Sagnes

Great work. It was so interesting. I want to visit the mounds now. :)

Jeanette Smith Andersen


Andrew Edwards

If you ever need a composer, I love working on projects like this. You can hear some of my work below. Thanks for your time.

Ron Dickison

We at Creative Talent Bank would like to be a part of any project you do? We handle voice over talent of any kind and post production for your films, let us know if we can get involved? Great work and best of luck!

Cathleen King

This grass roots project should be very successful, tons of information well presented - and the camera loves you Monty! Not a boring history lesson.

Lina Jones

That sounds interesting Monty I think documentary films in what you do will be awesome.

David Lawrence Konen

Good for you! Good luck as well! From 1986 - 2009, I was working in quite a number of places (especially libraries and the Salvation Army). I'm quite good at math, so I can figure out some calculations in a few minutes.

Louis Burklow

Monty, I'm a screenwriter who majored in history in college, so I'm looking forward to seeing this program when it airs. Hope it's the first of many for you.

Monty Dobson

Thanks all! I have to admit I was really nervous about the professional eye you all would cast over the project.

Monty Dobson

Just uploaded more pictures from the June shoot for America From the ground Up!

Jay Stamatis

Monty; Check out my story "Scroll Back" albeit a fictional account, you may find some interesting factual strains in this historical time travel epic. The story is based on the possible powers that reside in the elusive "Key Scroll" J

Kalyn Gilbert

Monty, this looks great! I'm curious about your experience as a first-time producer. What were some of the greatest challenges you had to overcome, and what were you most surprised to discover on your journey?

Monty Dobson

Great question Kalyn! I am sure it would surprise no one when I say funding was a major challenge. As a first time producer I have had supportive comments but no funds from numerous agencies... Add to that the fact that I come from an academic background and not film... But, I have been able to cobble support from multiple sources and make it work. My biggest surprise was discovering just how much I love the process. This led me to a new career as I intend to make films full time from here on. Another surprise has been support from the film community.

David Lawrence Konen

Louis, ever since I was in school (elementary, middle, high, and college), I had 3 areas I nearly excelled in - math, science, and history (I majored in Engineering, then Math, when I was in colllege). SO, if any of you all need to know anything from these 3 areas of study, I might be able to HELP you all.

David Lawrence Konen

Monty, as long as you can keep your cool while tryiing to make anything (even on PBS), I'm sure you'll do EXCELLENT.

Kalyn Gilbert

Monty, not surprising at all. You obviously have great persistence. I own a small production company in Calgary, Canada, and I can't tell you how many times I've been challenged in an effort to secure funding. I look forward to hearing/seeing more about your exciting project!

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