Introduce Yourself : Introduction by Sarah Carson

Sarah Carson


Hi everyone, I am an actor in Los Angeles. (forgive the double post in the actor section). I started my acting career on the elderly side in June of 2013 after being an executive and then a business owner (a private investigation business in California and New York) . It hasn't been as easy as the people who encouraged me led me to believe, but I am finally getting some traction now. I've been in four of my own projects, one being a proof of concept which I hope to sell and another (a short film) is in two film festivals this fall. Looking forward to learning from you all and hoping to be of help to you all.

Phil Duran

Welcome! I started late, too, after retiring from a career in law enforcement. It's not easy but I'm hanging in there hoping for more work!

Sarah Carson

Me, too. I wish you success in this endeavor.

Richard "RB" Botto

Like the proof of concept approach, Sarah. Control what you can control. Wishing you all the best with all your projects!

Emma Spurgin Hussey

It's not easy whenever you start, but do hope you're having fun with your work.

Deanna Rashell

Keep going and keep booking!! There are roles for all ages out there and we need more elderly women on screen!!

Vicki Lee Zell

I began writing early on, then life happened, and I somehow was lost in the shuffle. I found my way back some years later and began again to do what I truly love to do, write mystery novels. The world sure has changed a lot in every sense of the word, but I am sticking to my guns and letting my passion guide me along whatever path in the road. I'm not looking to make any name for myself, or become rich, just want to share my personal opinions as to how and what I perceive life is like.

Sarah Carson

Thanks for the inspiration. Good Luck to you all. I'd appreciate having any of you and all of you in my network.

Andrew Bee

Hi Sarah, it's great to see you on this site. I, too, started late for the size of my dream. I go to great effort to only surround myself with positive people. That makes the climb uphill so much easier. Here, you will find tremendous support.

Sarah Carson

Thanks for the insight. Hope you will join my network.

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