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Sam Mannetti

Introduction - Sam Mannetti

Taking a moment to introduce myself in the lounge. My name is Sam Mannetti and I'm the new Director of Development Services here at Stage 32. Before joining Stage 32, I served as an Executive in Development and Production for Disney+ at The Walt Disney Company. Prior to joining Disney+, I was with William Morris Endeavor and Endeavor Content. Excited for this next chapter with all that we have in store and I look forward to getting to know our incredible community better. Cheers!

Peggy Allen

Welcome Sam!

Maurice Vaughan

Not sure if I've already said it, but welcome as the new Director of Development Services, Sam Mannetti! I'll look for you when I'm ready to pitch my virtual game show to producers and companies.

Maria Restivo Glassner


Sam Sokolow

Love it big Sam! Excited to be working with you and so excited for the community to have you in this vital role.

John DeNatale

Hi Sam: Congratulations n welcome. Glad to see east coast represented

Richard "RB" Botto

The man, the myth. Get to know Sam, everyone. He's completely plugged in.

Neal Howard

Hi, Sam. I was with William Morris for many years as a client...long before your time there. Crazy years filled with hope and heartbreak. Welcome to the new gig.

Noel Vinson

Hey Sam, all the best!

James Welday

Welcome, Sam Mannetti , pleased to meet you!

Carina S. Burns

Welcome, Sam Mannetti, great to meet you here:D

Sandra Ray

Hi Sam, Congratulations on your new position here on Stage 32. Glad you are here with us. Cheers!

Sabra Darugar

Nice to meet you Sam Mannetti.

Kit Leonard Dennis

Hi, Sam - welcome. I appreciate the diverse, and worldwide, reach of your network and experience.

Billy Kwack

Hi Sam, worked with Disney, amazing. I'm from Flushing queens

Gina Parris

Nice to meet you :)

Bill Albert

Hello. Hope you enjoy your stay.

Lee Shargel

Hey Sam. You will be great!

Thomas Jamieson

Welcome, Sam. Thanks for all your updates thus far.

Sam Mannetti

Thank you everyone for the well wishes! Would love to learn about what you're writing and what your immediate goals/needs are. You can write to me directly at to let me know. Cheers!

Sam Cochran

Welcome, Sam! Oh, and great name!

Penny Penelope Koutourinis

Welcome Sam !!!

Maurice Vaughan

You're welcome, Sam Mannetti.

Lee Shargel

Hi Sam., HAPPY THANKSGIVING You have been a big help to me and many creatives here at STAGE 32. I really enjoyed listening to you. Your background in entertainment is wonderful. I am really glad you are here.

Sam Mannetti

Thank you so much Lee!

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