Introduce Yourself : Introduction... and a film with several Stage32 members by Philip Sedgwick

Philip Sedgwick

Introduction... and a film with several Stage32 members

Greetings comrade Stage32ers. I'm a screenwriter who has been on here for quite a while... and in that time have had the absolute pleasure of meeting up with RB and Amanda at film festivals... by the way, his new book is a delightful read.

Anyway, I digress. I am a work-for-hire writer who has found writing gigs on Stage32 and made several valuable connections here on Stage32. Last year I wrote and EP'd the short film, Elevator Pitch, a project initiated by Rutger Oosterhoff.

And now I am in production on a short film, Otro Lado (Other Side), which was commissioned by Stage32 member Alex Holland, who is the film's EP and composer. Today we received permission from the U.S. Border Patrol to shoot right at the fence just east of Douglas Arizona. We are rolling cameras on May 1st and 2nd.

Other Stage32 members involved: Rob Walker (director), Avai d'Amico (DP) and Lesley Lillywhite (talent, PA).

We are looking forward to sweating like crazy on the border, sharing our Stage32 savvy and hitting the festival circuit. We have a bit of a website if anyone would care to visit:

Lesley Lillywhite

No easy task, receiving the blessings of the Border Patrol, lots of hoops were jumped thru, Congratulations on the Project moving into Fruition. I am thrilled to participate in this film on location in intriguing & beautiful Douglas, Arizona !!

Philip Sedgwick

It took a while to get BP blessings, them being a government organization and the fact that our lead is going to be touching the fence. But that's what redial features are for on the phone.

The City of Douglas and the Douglas Airport have bent over backward to make things work for us. All our permits... a whopping $30!!!! Our Green Room is a pilot's lounge. That's fun!

And oh by the way, the Mexican food in that lovely community is over the moon. So if you're looking for a great SW location, do consider Douglas. The city's tagline: "Off the wall."

We have a great team and are thrilled that, Lesley, born in this here bordertown, is sharing her hometown and her talent.

Lesley Lillywhite

And Actor Adrienne Gonzalez is from a border town as well.

Michael Mohoric

Hi Phillip, Congratulations and wishing you much success with this and future projects. You are an incredible writer.

Philip Sedgwick

Thank you kindly, Michael.

Philip Sedgwick

We're heading to the border. On our way to shoot Otro Lado! More soon.

Rayner Guerra

I want to see the Otro Lado.

Kelly Sherwood

Hi Rainer, welcome to Stage 32. I have been very busy this year acting in six short films. I went to San Diego for the first time last fall. Beautiful place. So different from the Northeast where I live. It was a much needed, if short, vacation. Kelly

Philip Sedgwick

@Rayner. Thank you for your enthusiasm. After post completes and we go for the festival circuit, I will be posting on here all our screenings! Cheers.

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