Introduce Yourself : Introductory by Robert Sean-Riaz

Robert Sean-Riaz


Hi, I'm an Actor based in London, England. Been in the Biz for several years now and you can find me on IMDB, Facebook, Twitter (If want to connect on those sites too).Also Wrote, Produced, Directed my first Short Film last year and have a Feature Script for the same Project! Can Travel to work anywhere but will need VISA for certain parts of the World (Production can usually help with). Joined a couple of days ago and have now filled out my Profile. Do get in touch if you are looking for an Actor such as myself for your Project or if you just want to Mingle.

David Taylor

Hi Robert. I look forward to checking out Gatwick Gangsters. Just mingling. David.

Rachel Rath

Hey Robert, Well done on all the work! If you do end up coming to work in the US here's a collection of some of the documents you might need for making the visa process easier. Might as well be prepared... Break legs!!

Aray Brown

Hi Robert

Robert Sean-Riaz

Hi Aray, sorry... I must have missed your post as I didn't get notified on the site!

Robert Sean-Riaz

Hi Dave, Thanks! yeah keep a look out for the Film.

Shawn Speake

Welcome, Robert!

Richard "RB" Botto

Fantastic to have you here, Robert! Congrats on the short film!


Welcome to Stage 32, Robert!

Robert Sean-Riaz

Thanks all.

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