Introduce Yourself : It's Me! by Amanda Nevarez

Amanda Nevarez

It's Me!

Hi All! So, I have been a member of Stage 32 since 2011, shortly after it began. I'm an active non-union 1st AD, Producer, Line Producer and Stills Photographer. I recently started working full time but have found that I am still capable of multitasking well enough to still be invested in my projects. I started working indy films well over 10 years ago as a hobby, and have since become much more serious, growing and learning within the industry, as much as possible. I do not speak on my personal life because it has nothing to do with my business life. Unlike many people, I'm perfectly happy being able to compartmentalize my life. I will tell you though, I graduated the Psychology program at CSUN and have been training in TV since, aside from free form poetry and I also drive Lyft. Thanks for reading and I wish you all great luck!

Eric Pagan

Greetings Amanda!

Timothy Law

Hi Amanda, My experience has been the complete opposite. When I started working in entertainment well over years ago, I couldn't get anyone to take me serious. Then somebody told me that everyone needs a hobby and I found that I am capable of tasking for multiasking! Pleased to meet you and from the producers lips to my ears, I'm pretty sure it's never say great luck. It's Break a leg, Tim ;)

Heike Henke

Wish I had discovered Stage32 that early... Glad I finally joined, and get to meet so wonderful like-minded people, like you Amanda... Kind regards Heike

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