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Ivana Massetti

Ivana Massetti Writer-Director-Producer

Hi everyone. I'm a writer, director and producer originally from Italy and have lived and worked all over the world. I now live in Los Angeles. I'm working on several projects as writer/director, as an executive producer and as producer. I'm presently producing a teaser for a feature film by a young French first time director. I'm interested in justice and in particular women's issues, and want to contribute to making our world a better place. I'm convinced that more than the money, artists, as writers, directors and producers are, have the great responsibility to search for the truth, reveal it and offer signs of hope and possibility to the audience. Their work has to be an example, whatever genre they use, set a model for the young generation and their evolution. Their work has to be an instrument for the world awareness, an inspiration and a guide for all of us. Towards that end, I created the Cinema for Justice Project and am in pre-production of the first film, which I am directing, "One Day in America", a reflection on the US's most controversial issues through intertwined stories about Banks, Health & Insurance, the Death Penalty, Guns, Gay Rights, Women Rights, PTSD, Immigration, Education, Elderly solitude etc. I firmly believe that the public is ready for films that couple great filmmaking and important content. I believe that such material can be appreciated critically and at the same time have a commercial success. We're so focused on the dark side of everything that audiences need to be stimulated and re-educated to value beauty over vulgarity, hope over desperation or alienation, life over death. The goal of our life is not to make just money but to attain the essence of our own humanity and turn the world that we have sullied back into the beautiful place that it is. Happy Creative Holiday to all of you.

Jen Govey

Lovely intro Ivana. Do you know of the GATE community?

Art Thomas

Hello: It is nice to meet you. May 2014 be among your best years yet!

Milt Barlow

Wow sounds like a great project. I wish you well for it. If I can help with distribution Ivana just holler. The best to you for 2014 Milt

Padma Narayanaswamy

Wow I am a women centric script writer . I have posted three of my scripts take a look and thanks . I look forward to work with you professionally.

Ivana Massetti

Thank you Milt. I'll take a look at your projects Padma. Let's stay in touch. Have both a wonderful Holiday!

Ivana Massetti

@ Jen Govey. I know the Gate Community. I was at one of their event in LA last year. Probably I need to get involved with them . Are you involved with them?

Jitendra Kuche

Very nice Miss Ivana, aftere reading i thing you should have to India and make the different kind of Film. I hope it will be great journey for you. Thanks...:-)

Milt Barlow

Best for the holidays Ivana Milt

Sam Schmidt

Merry Christmas and I hope you have a great year ahead of you with your projects,Ivana!

Louis Gander

" I'm interested in justice and in particular women's issues, and want to contribute to making our world a better place." I too write to make the world a better place. It's all about RESPECT - of which there is little of today...

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