Introduce Yourself : James Chisholm by James Cormier-Chisholm

James Cormier-Chisholm

James Chisholm

I used to write in Finance, writing for Futures Magazine, CNN Industry Watch, and the Oil and Gas Journal.  Normally about 500,000 to a few million readers.   I was very successful at that type of writing, to the point hedge funds were using me as a knowledge worker on investments (Dematteo Monness used my services out of New York).  Basically, after too many wall street traders contacting me about trading ideas, it became boring.   After putting aside writing for several years to work in the environmental area, I have begun the process of writing again on novel length works, with potential for conversion to movie scripts.    Currently,  working through the creative process on one novel right now, which is different than my former approach of doing about ten rewrites on a magazine article before release to said magazine.  My plan is to write first drafts fast (first drafts always come out horrible, but you can't edit a blank page as has been said before by others), edit until the drafts become compressed with interesting  characters and character arcs\dialogue\ story.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Let's be clear.  I am humbled here, as this is an entirely different process - a much longer in length writing process - than what I am used to as a writer.  Like going from being a sprinter to a long distance runner.  Interested in talking with other writers about their process at this point, and any helpful hints about getting into writer's flow state (I've experienced effortless\timeless feeling writer's flow state before, but never consistently.  Helpful hints in this area of achieving flow state are welcome).

Peter Roach

Welcome James.

What a switch !!

I spent years writing Fortran code for Oil and Gas , later Power Companies, ten years with the ISOs.

I made the switch. I am a happier person.

Good luck with your writing.

Hussein Kopole

Welcome to the Creatives,James.

It's a switch indeed,but once you get your grip on,you are good to go and the ride gets smooth.

Marjolein Smit

Hi James, For me it is sometimes just making myself write even if I don't feel like it. If I find one little gem, I will get excited and keep going. I have read that some stop without finishing a scene so they can start the next day already from the same "zone". I sometimes switch scripts, scene's or let go of the rules to keep it fresh. Breaks , snacks and a great playlist also help me. Good luck!

James Cormier-Chisholm

Thank you very much, folks. I appreciate these comments.

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