Introduce Yourself : Jasmin Egner - Hello from beautiful Edinburgh, UK! by Jasmin Egner

Jasmin Egner - Hello from beautiful Edinburgh, UK!

Hello everybody! My name is Jasmin Egner and I am a German actress in Film, Stage and working on getting my face on the TV too. I am affiliated with Tightlaced Theatre in Edinburgh, UK and with Fronteiras Theatre Lab in Brazil & Edinburgh, UK and I love them dearly. My recent works include a small number of commercials, a significantly higher number of short films and a role in independent feature film The Dying Eye with Meditz Productions, Houston, Texas. I have just recently wrapped on beautiful short film Sunsets & Silhouettes with Factotum Films in Glasgow, Scotland and am filming another challenging short film - Go with God - with Arrondissement Films in England. I cannot wait! Colleagues and employers have described me as hard working, intelligent, focused, professional, easy to work with and analytical as well as emotionally connected. I am blushing a bit. Therefore I will counteract the shameless self-plugging and give away, that friends usually also call me mad as a hatter - in a good way :) Feel free to connect and if you fancy watching Close Encounters, a little romcom short film I'm in, then aye, go on and I hope you enjoy: I look forward to networking with you and who knows, we might work on something fantastic together sometime! Have a great time :) Jasmin

Jasmin Egner

RB, I hope it's ok, to include a Youtube link? If not, I can replace it with a link to my website :)

Rachel Reaugh

Nice work.

Talon Callahan

Agreed. Nice work. I'm a dad helping his 5 year old network. Can never hurt having friends overseas. Nice to meet you!

Dorothy Haines

Nice. I would love to work with you in the future.

Jasmin Egner

Thanks, Rachel and Talon/Talon's Dad! Great to meet you all here :)

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