Introduce Yourself : Jeff Watkins by Jeff Watkins

Jeff Watkins

Jeff Watkins

Just dropping a line to introduce myself. Hi all. Perth based Actor, Director and Photographer. Also a part of Herding Cats Productions here in Perth. Theatre, Film and TV experience. Glad to be here.

Allan Malcolm

what ho old friend!

Ivan Alexei Dominguez

Jeff welcome to Stage32. Regards Ivan

Boomer Murrhee

Welcome Jeff. I'm working with FAST screenplay out of Sidney. Have you heard of them?

Jeff Watkins

Sorry, no. I haven't. Probably doesn't help that I am Perth based.

Boomer Murrhee

Almost 4,000 km? only a hop skip and a jump! lol

Tracy Kash

Welcome, Jeff!

James Mapes

The only city in your county I've been on my way to do a hypnosis show nearby. Loved it!

Jeff Watkins

It has its good points. ;-)

Anthony Sutton

Hello great to meet you!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!!

Nanette L. Baird

You're the second guy I know here in the states from Perth. Nice people you

Angel Matheson

Nice to meet you Jeff. Good luck with all of your endeavor's.

Derek Wilkinson

Hi Jeff I thought you meant Perth in Scotland,but I did have a great time in Perth Australia 35 years ago have a great day

Angela McEwan

Wow the other side of the world. Isn't it great that we can all connect on the internet. Do you get HBO? I just acted in 3 episodes of Getting On which will start in Nov. One of our directors was Becky Martin from London.

Derek Wilkinson

Yes I do know HBO I will try and watch the 3 episodes Derek

Maria D'Urso

Hi Jeff, I'm in Sydney. Great to meet you. Am currently involved in a few projects. Perhaps we could collaborate some time. Do you have a preferred genre?

David A. Canales

Writing is communication. Eons have passed and writing proves that humanity has the need to record earth events. Without documentation there in no history.

Jeff Watkins

Anthony Stutton, Thanks, and to you for today and all days. Nanette L. Baird, there's a few of us floating around... ;-) Angel Matheson - Thanks and to you also. Derek Wilkinson, too cold in that Perth. ;-) Angela McEwan - No - I don't get HBO, unless I was to get Foxtel (Aussie Cable) which is to expensive for my meagre budget. Maria D'Urso, thanks for the offer. Not sure how collab would work either side of the continent. As for Genre, not really. Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Action are probably top of my list, but I enjoy a good Comedy, Period Drama and Shakespearian about the same. David A. ... Um, thanks for that. I think.

Maria D'Urso

Hi Jeff, re: collaboration - nothing is too difficult for Aussies. Where there's a Will … speaking of Shakespeare .. love your range. That's about where I sit too, but have been told to specialise - get a brand. Methinks the industry could be a little more flexible here on Oz. Haven't met anyone willing to go Shakespeare yet, so this is interesting. Let's think on't.

Jeff Watkins

Oh I specialise, in being versatile.

Maria D'Urso

I have a Shakespeare idea, but this mightn't be the time.

Maria D'Urso

Nice to meet you Jeff. Great to meet another Shakespearean Aussie.

Deryn Warren

Hi, I just had some Aussies staying in my house before their singing gig. Check out and see if you get some tips for your career. Read a chapter of How to Make Your Audience Fall in Love With You.

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