Introduce Yourself : Animal trainer, truck driver, A.E.E. by JoAnne Craigmile-Nilsen

JoAnne Craigmile-Nilsen

Animal trainer, truck driver, A.E.E.

My nick name is JoDee, and I have a life time of animal training experience, from house cats to elephants, in most environments. Born and raised in the film industry, and carried on into other fields. A handy kinda gal to have around, if animals are involved.

Amber Hale

Hello sweetie. That is a gorgeous horse in your photo. Wishing you the best

Owen Mowatt

Whoa, you train cats?!?! I though that was impossible! LOL!

CJ Walley

Great profile, JoAnne. Anybody who loves animals and can drive an 18 wheeler is very cool in my eyes :)

Mike Romoth

Very cool. Welcome.

JoAnne Craigmile-Nilsen

Thank you all. And cats, and, leopards

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

JoAnne - you might like this blog! (if you haven't read it already)

Amber Hale

I've always wanted to work with larger cats.

JoAnne Craigmile-Nilsen

I have had simular experience, but throw in horses, elephants, and the occasional dog...and parrot, and well, ya, I've been a chew toy.

Tina Goldsack

My dream is to have a pictures with a large CAT! But others of mine are coming true! But to feed an elephant would be cool! I only have rats right now! But still we need to love the little critters too! Animals in film are awesome! Amazing how smart they are!

Maria Rockwell

Very Cool! Nice to have you in my netwrok JoAnne!

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