Introduce Yourself : Joining the party! by Andrew Guerrero

Andrew Guerrero

Joining the party!

Hi everyone! I know I'm late but hopefully I haven't missed the fun. I'm an LA college student studying screenwriting, something which I fell head over heels for years ago. I started as an actor when I was 14, and was eventually encouraged by my acting coach to write my own material. I began a script after listening to his advice, which has become my passion project ever since. Aside from that, I recently fell in love with TV writing and have created multiple pilots over the past year (the one bright side of quarantine...) I can't wait to meet all of you!

Harrison Glaser

Welcome, Andrew! It's never too late to join the party here! So glad you joined the community and I know you're going to meet a lot of incredible creatives from all over the world! TV writing is really exciting! What kind of shows do you like writing?

I'm the Director of Education here at Stage 32 and am here if you have any questions. Be sure to stay involved with the community through the lounges - - and don't forget to check out the education we have available to you! Lots of great webinars on TV writing that can help you hone your skills and add to the inspiration. We just hosted this one a couple days ago on writing a sitcom pilot:

And this is one of my favorite recent ones on nailing the first act of your pilot -

Feel free to reach out at any time if I can be of help. My email - is the fastest way to reach me.

Aray Brown

Welcome to the community, Andrew! Pleasure to meet you ;) My name is Aray, I’m a screenwriter/content creator. I know all too well about passion projects and how we feel compelled to release them out into the world. Feel free to reach out to Jason Mirch, Director of S32 Script Services he would love to know what you’re working on and how he can help move your career forward. Jason will also give you a free month in The Writer’s Room

Monica Mansy

Welcome aboard, Andrew Guerrero! I second Aray's comment! The Writers' Room is a great place to grow in community and craft. We work on pitches, script coverage, learn about the business and craft and so much more!

Phil Clarke

HI there, Andrew. And welcome. By all means come and have a chat anytime.

Nkosana Nicci Ngwenya

Hi, welcome Andrew, honestly never too late or you could thank the stage for waiting for another passionate creative ;)

Ted Westby

Welcome to the party, Andrew.

Write On!

Petrice Douglas

Andrew Guerrero Hello and welcome to our SUPER community. BEST!

Cannon Rosenau

You're not as late as some of us ;) Sincerely, resident GenXer

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