Introduce Yourself : Journalist Documentarian by Athina Krikeli

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Athina Krikeli

Journalist Documentarian

I love documentaries and traveling the world. For few years I cover the wars around the world... Some surgeries, beatings, and a bullet later I stopped! Now I do political and travel documentaries. ( 28 in total) I think I 'seen enough madness and death, enough to make me more humble and careful about choices and people. Based in New York City and for the last year I am working on a documentary in Central America about Orthodox Ministries in co existence with the Catholic Church.

Pat Savage

What a life!

Cheryl White

Wow, and thank you for getting out there to show us back home what's really going on in the world. Much respect to all journalists reporting in dangerous situations.

Amber Lucille Brown

The things you must have seen, I can only imagine. You are a strong person to handle all of that.

DeLani R. Bartlette

That sounds so awesome...not the bullets, of course! I always wanted to be a journalist - got a BA and MA in it - but not enough jobs. However, my research skills KILL it, so if you are ever in need of research help, please don't hesitate to contact me!

Debbie Elicksen

Yep, given that education called life experience, I'd say you have a few stories to write.

Ken Koh

Documentaries are such a great use of filmmaking. It's my passion also, I'm make commercial films mainly to fund my own docs. I wish you success and safe shooting.

Anil Kumar


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