Introduce Yourself : Juan Antonio Valverde - Storyboard & Concept Artist by Juan Antonio Valverde

Juan Antonio Valverde

Juan Antonio Valverde - Storyboard & Concept Artist

Hi everyone!

I like to introduce myself as Storyboard & Concept Artist for Entertainment for more than 7 years.

I´ve the chance to work worldwide, and for several directors, companies, trademarks, etc.. as Freelance Storyboard Artist.

Here I share you my recent 2019 Video Reel for your consideration:

Thanks for your time!

Juan A. Valverde

Amanda Toney

Holy cow, Juan! You are SO talented! Hey everyone in my network, if you need a storyboard artist, check out Juan's reel above. It's killer!

Juan Antonio Valverde

Thank you SO much, for your kind words, Amanda. I´ m so sorry for the delayed response, I've been so busy!

Warm regards, Amanda!

Gary Smiley

Very good reel!

Juan Antonio Valverde

Big thank you, Gary!

Virginia Nava Hieger

Thank you for sharing

Neil Noriega

You have talent, I really like your style of drawing and storyboards. Thanks!

Pidge Jobst

More than storyboards, these are works of art. Valuing you putting in the extra frame-rendering time.

Anette Martinsen

Love your work

Juan Antonio Valverde

Big THANK YOU to everyone for the kind words and the support!

Appreciate that SO much. It keeps me rocking on.

Teresa Suarez Grosso

Fabulous work!

Juan Antonio Valverde

Thanks for all the comments! Appreciate it so much.

Amy Connerley

This looks great! :)

Olyvia Bollin

Awesome! I very much appreciate your talent :)

Juan Antonio Valverde

Thanks SO much, Amy and Olyvia. Really appreciate that.

Pamela Bolinder

Love this! Nice work here.

Juan Antonio Valverde

Thanks for your kind words, Pamela!

Not for now, Lance. I´ve had the chance to be involved in a Comic Book project, but it was so frustrating, and tons of work with a low budget. All my respects for all comic artist!

Lener J.

Great work!

Juan Antonio Valverde

Thanks, Lener!

Juan Antonio Valverde

I know what you mean, Lance. Maybe it wasn’t the right moment. Thanks for your words. I’ll take a look to that link for sure.

Edith Crescenciana

Amazing work! Definitely a wide range of artwork, very impressive :)

Juan Antonio Valverde

Thanks for your kind words, Edith!


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