Introduce Yourself : Just Introducing Myself. by Nathan McQuarrie

Nathan McQuarrie

Just Introducing Myself.


“NATHAN” a middle aged man sits at his laptop deep in thought. His fingers hover above the keyboard of his laptop as though in a state of suspended animation.

INTERNAL VOICE - Whatch ya doin?

NATHAN - Trying to come up with an introduction for Stage32. Something that will let people know who I am and what I’m all about.

INTERNAL VOICE - (apprehensive) Oh.


INTERNAL VOICE - No, it’s just you know the whole first impressions thing. Not exactly one of you strong suits.

NATHAN - What are you talking about?

INTERNAL VOICE - Rebecca Miller?

NATHAN (confused) - Rebecca Miller? (light bulb) Rebecca Miller. You mean Rebecca Miller from tenth grade?

INTERNAL VOICE - Yeah. The love of your life. Remember what happened?

NATHAN - Of course. I went on a date with her.


NATHAN - I had a nervous stomach.


NATHAN - I threw up in her parents car. She never spoke to me again and I was made fun of the rest of high school. But that was thirty years ago.

INTERNAL VOICE - Oh you want more recent. How about last Friday?

NATHAN - Last Friday?

INTERNAL VOICE - Kim and Rick Smith? The married couple your girlfriend introduced you to for the first time.

NATHAN - Okay but in all fairness they really did look like brother and sister. Anyone could have made that mistake.

INTERNAL VOICE - Kim started to cry and ran away. Rick threatened to beat you up. And your girlfriend still has yet to have a real conversation with you.

NATHAN - Okay so I don’t always make the greatest first impression. But I’m doing this. There is nothing you can say that’s going to stop me. Besides I’m sure the people on stage31-


NATHAN - Right. Shit. Stage 32 that’s what I meant. Anyways, I’m sure they’re pretty cool people. INTERNAL VOICE - Okay.

Nathan’s fingers get closer to the keyboard. They are almost touching the keys ready to write a brilliant introduction. Then his fingers move away.

NATHAN (irritated) - Okay what?

INTERNAL VOICE - Nothing just don’t screw this up. That’s all. Could be the difference between success and failure. A future of wealth and fame or a future of well nothing.

NATHAN - Thanks.

Nathan closes his eyes and takes a deep breath as though trying to harness the power of a higher being. He writes: “Hi everyone. My name is Nathan. I have been writing scripts for many years now but have never shared them with the world. I have always written for myself as a way to escape and enjoy time away from the day to day of life. Stage32 is my first attempt to reach out and meet others with the same passion for screenwriting and all that is cinema. I look forward to getting to know and network with all of you.”

INTERNAL VOICE - Really all five hundred thousand plus?

NATHAN - Shut up!

Tanee Hazelwood

I like your humor. I'm not good at first impressions/introductions either. I'm in the same boat. I've written a few scripts for a party of one myself. My name is Tanee (pronounced like Renee, but with a "T").

B A Mason

Welcome! I chuckled at this. Good stuff, sir.

And don't worry - I hear voices in my head too. NO YOU DON'T! SHUT UP! I mean, no I don't. That's crazy. Cheers!

Tasha Lewis

Welcome! Nice flow.

Ardelle Holden

So Nathan... Mind if I copy and paste?

Kinney Scott


Zorrawa Jefferson

wow, not bad ;)

Monica Mansy

Oh, I love this, Nathan McQuarrie! Thankfully, the Stage 32 community is much kinder than all of our inner voices! Welcome aboard! I think you’ll find some amazing stuff here, from education to development and script services to our amazing Writers’ Room (pssst... pro tip: try out the Writers’ Room for a free month by emailing Jason Mirch (, the Director of Script Services, and get access to live learning, practice pitch tanks, executive pitches and so much more. Poke around and see what piques your interest. And don’t forget to jump into the lounges and make friends... I promise we won’t try to beat you up!

Christina Pitts Jazzar (she/her)

Hello. Love this. Thanks for sharing. Writing is my ultimate dream!

Freyja Seren

In another platform, I may write something like, hashtag feels.

Bill Albert

Welcome and good luck to both of you.

Lilian Schiffler

Welcome! I loved reading your intro, it made my day! :)

CJ Brodie

That was COOL! What Up Nathan! I too suffer from Dyslexia, it was hard in high school but you just have to teach yourself how to deal with it.

Gaia Kim Bartolini

Welcome to you and your internal voice.

Eyiara Olugunna

This made me smile! Welcome Nathan :)

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