Introduce Yourself : Just found this site and I'm loving it! by Uzoma Ibekwe

Uzoma Ibekwe

Just found this site and I'm loving it!

Hi everyone. This is Uzoma (an Igbo name meaning "The good path". And hey! You just learned something new in a foreign language! Pretty awesome right?).

Basically, I am a sucker for words and pictures because of their fantastic ability to captivate and communicate. So if I'm not working on my spoken word poetry, I edit videos, if not, I proofread write-ups, if not, I write scripts, and if not, I read up on all because the beauty of it all is that I'm a beginner and not ashamed to say it. I'm here on stage32 specifically to grow.

P.S I just completed the first draft on my first ever feature length film and I have a million and one questions. Glad to be here!

Erin Mazzei

Welcome! I love your enthusiasm and am so glad to e-meet you!!

Evelyn von Warnitz

Welcome, Uzoma! And yes, great energy is all around here.

Luke Fuller

Welcome! I wish you all the success!

Walter Ybm Williams

Hi, welcome to the group I'm new as well you have such great energy, hope to work with you someday an always keep your faith Bless Queen

Omar Brown


Shadow Dragu-Mihai


Philips Douglas


Stefano Pavone

Welcome to the club. :)

Mista Martel


Debbie Croysdale

@Uzoma you are right this place is a bundle of energy, welcome.

Richard Banton

Welcome, Uzoma.

Uzoma Ibekwe

Thank you all so much!

Maria Johnsen

Welcome Uzoma , lovely name! :-)

Uzoma Ibekwe

Thank you Maria :)

Allen Lynch

Welcome & Good Luck Uzoma!

Becca Carroll Guido

Welcome Uzoma! :)

Karen E Ross

Hey, Uzoma Ibekwe! So glad to meet you! My name is K. Ross and I'm the Community Manager here at Stage32. I love learning new things, too, so thanks for that mini-lesson! Clearly you invite positivity and I'm so grateful that you decided to share it with us! Congrats on your first feature! I would recommend getting some feedback on it before approaching it for revisions. You can do script exchanges with members, you can get script coverage or even script consultations. Coverage is a good way to start, though.

I imagine before long you'll be learning about loglines and how to craft one - once you have that, definitely add it to your Stage32 profile for even more feedback on your concept!

Ooo, Lagos?! Would you be interested in participating in the "Paris, Je T'aime" challenge I posted in the Filmmakers Lounge? It's just a fun way to get to know people through their city:

Also, even though you're a writer, don't be afraid to reach out on the Acting (, Filmmaking (, and Post-Production ( Lounges. We can learn a lot from the other perspectives in the collaborative process!

Enjoy exploring the lounges, and don't forget to comment and respond to others’ posts, too! It's the best way to meet and mingle!

Uzoma Ibekwe

Script exchanges? Wow.. I wasn't aware of that. Thanks for such a wonderful community! Yes, I will participate :) And I will definitely have fun exploring the lounges.

Right now, I'm honestly wondering how I slept on this place for so long

Ricki Linksman

Hi Uzoma, Welcome. So happy to have you here. I have been actively writing screenplays for 4 years and just discovered the Stage 32 writer's lounge during COVID, and what an amazing gift this group is. I too wondered why I hadn't really known about it all these years either except for the Robert McKee webinars I took (which is what led me to explore this more). You have come to the right place to further your creativity and career. They have many services to help you with finalizing your screenplay, but then that is only the beginning. We have to learn to pitch it and get it to people who can make it into a film, and this is where Stage 32 shines. I can't believe the boost to my career in only 2 short months. You are in for a great treat. By the way, you mentioned Igbo. I believe that is spoken in Nigeria, where I have several friends and my world-renowned doctor sets up hospitals and health care there! Where did you grow up and where do you live now? I would be fascinated to hear your story!

Uzoma Ibekwe

Thank you Ricki. You're correct. Igbo is spoken majorly in Nigeria, and it is also the name of the people themselves.

I was born and bred in Lagos :-) and I will be happy to share my story with you!

Ricki Linksman

I would love to hear your story. If you want to hear the pitch to my screenplay, a true story based on a book about the author's great grandmother who was one of the brave slave women who sewed secret codes into quilts by which fugitive slaves traveled on the Underground Railroad, if you go to stage 32 pitch vault from last month's Wed. pitch tank with Anna Henry, you can hear my live pitch to her! It's called Freedom Code. I would love your views on the pitch!

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