Introduce Yourself : Just joined and hungry for advice! by Tanya Julina

Tanya Julina

Just joined and hungry for advice!

Hi everyone! I have clearly been living under a rock as I have only just heard about Stage 32. It looks like an amazing community and I can't wait to get involved! I have been working in this industry for 10+ years as a supporting artist on various productions but want to write and pitch ideas for screenplays. I have just submitted a screenplay in response to a script callout and am on tenterhooks waiting to hear back. Out of the 174 scripts submitted only 9 will be produced. My first foray into screenwriting I am eagerly awaiting the feedback so I can improve! I am based in Wales, Uk and would love to connect with like-minded people. If you can offer any advice, humour or inspiration it would be gratefully received. Comedy writing is an area in which I am really interested. I am looking to develope my ideas into screenplays over the next year-it should be an interesting ride! I hope to talk to some of you soon and hear about your creative journey. Tanya

DJ Far

Tanya, a warm welcome to the site and the community. The best way to use the site is to build a complete profile, and then network and connect often. Check out all the education opportunities on the site. Best luck!

Joe Becker

Welcome. I think you're gonna like it here. Lots of info at your fingertips. And lots of great people.

Joe Becker

check out all the various tabs, and realize they are in two rows, one above your profile pic, and one below. you'll learn to love the little blue dots next to people's names. click them and they'll become your friends.

Tanya Julina

Thanks for the welcome! Will make the most of my time on here!

Nerys John

Good to see you here! There's so much on here, I'm sure you'll love it! Enjoy!

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