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Ken Kokin

Ken Kokin - am excited to be a part of the Stage 32 community

As a producer my films have won many awards, Sundance twice and two Oscars for The Usual Suspects, currently I am working as a producer and directing my own projects. I love to shoot movies all over the world... So far I have shot in China, Jordan, Haiti, Utah, Texas, New York, Argentina, LA, Orland and some I may have forgotten - Always looking for challenges and new exciting projects to direct.

Kenneth Kokin
Kenneth Kokin
Welcome to the official site for director, writer, producer KENNETH KOKIN.
Jake Shanks

Welcome to Stage 32, Ken!

Sandra Reed

Welcome! Wow, great achievements!

Stephen Barber

Welcome Ken!

Stephen Barber

Ken, I saw almost all that you've been a part of... "For Tomorrow" was very inspirational, and well done!

Mark Roman

Ken, thank you! Loved the Usual Suspects!!! Do you ever do live productions?

Steven Crawford


Ken Kokin

Mark - I would love to do live productions. But haven't yet

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