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Laura Styrka

Laura Styrka

Happy Introduce yourself weekend. Like everyone else I'm trying to make the best of the difficult & unprecedented situation the world is in at the moment. While frustratingly alot of my acting projects have been on hold, it has provided me with the opportunity to undertake endeavours I otherwise wouldn't.

I hope I get to work/network with lots of you in the future & look forward to a time when I can indulge in my penchant for traveling without restrictions again.

I wish everyone well. Enjoy the weekend & stay safe.

Karen "Kay" Ross

Hey, Laura Styrka! Good to see you again! I feel ya - so many things have been upended right now. I'm glad you found a way forward, though! I'd love for you to drop in on the Acting Lounge while you're networking! I know the other members would love to hear from your experience:

Laura Styrka

Hi Karen. Lovely to hear from you. I will be sure to drop in on the Acting Lounge. Thank you.

David Obaniyi

Hi Laura Styrka. Nice to virtually meet you. I'm a music composer for films and games, and I feel your pain on lot of the projects that people that were supposed to be working on high-profile projects this year, all of sudden have gotten postponed. But I still have hope that things will turn out. :)

Laura Styrka

Hi David. Nice to virtually meet you too. It's so good to connect with people in the same boat. I hope things will turn out well too

Claude Gagne

I Know it hurts to hold back on projects you had in mind, but look at the positive. You can do a lot in your free time that you couldn't do otherwise. Like, take an acting night course, dance class, anything, etc... to improve your style in your presentation, your posture, eg. This way you'll be more assertive with your acting. A thought!!!!

Laura Styrka

Yes you're absolutely right. It has been good to do things I wouldn't normally have time for.

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