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Leigh Laird

Leigh Laird Voiceover actress

Hi, my name is Leigh Laird and I am new to Stage 32. I'm a Voiceover actress based in the Seattle area. I have experience voicing commercials, e-learning projects and a variety of other projects. I've been working in the VO industry for about 4 years. I'm new to Stage 32. I heard about it through a friend who networks here. I missed last month's Introduce Yourself due to a VO workshop I was attending, so I'm glad to be here this weekend.

Tomasz Mieczkowski

Glad to have you here Leigh, Just F.Y.I. - you can add your work samples to your profile ( but it's totally optional. We've had some great teachers for VO here at Stage 32: If you ever have any questions about the site, feel free to let me know! Cheers, T.

Vicki Lee Zell

Hello Leigh, have you ever considered Great place for VO artists to get some exposer.

Cindy Myskiw

Welcome, Leigh!

Leigh Laird

Thanks for the warm welcome and info!

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