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Introduce Yourself : Let's make films! by Amir Masud

Amir Masud

Let's make films!

I'm a Writer-Director and have written 3 Feature films, and directed 9 short films. I'm currently in the early stages of putting together a team, and raising funds, for a science fiction action film that I've written and will direct. I'm very interested in meeting collaborators, especially actors (for workshopping scenes monthly) and VFX experts for upcoming projects. Don't be shy. Say hi ! --cheers Amir Trailer for a previous project, AFFLICTION, super 16mm film -> http://vimeo.com/27004204 Short film ANIMUS, 35mm film -> http://youtu.be/OXERMZjBH1o

Linda Harborth

I am a songwriter, if you needs songs.My work is out on SoundCloud at http://soundcloud.com/goldie-locks-1

Amir Masud

Thanks for sharing your sounds, Linda. I appreciate it.

Priscilla Philips

i am a public relations and project manager if you be looking for one contact me

Amir Masud

Priscilla, thanks for letting me know. I'll definitely be in touch with you in the mid future :)

Amir Masud

Oh, and I have a bond with Nigeria. I lived a few hours away from Lagos, as a kid (in Zaria)

Priscilla Philips

really, awesome..schooled a bit in jos

Priscilla Philips

really, awesome..schooled a bit in jos

Stephen Nagy

Will the movie be filmed in NY/NJ/PA??

Amir Masud

Stephen, the current project is most likely going to be set in LA. small chance of going to Detroit.

Stephen Nagy

I see, I was hoping you were in "The Big Apple" whereas I would have loved to audition for you.

John Ward

Hey Amir, good luck with the film. I've done science consulting on other projects, so give me a shout if there's anything I can do to help!

Tabitha Baumander

Not shy But there's little point in saying Hi I'm a writer you see. You don't need me. Lots of luck. you got real pluck.

Tabitha Baumander

dang that last bit was supposed to be set out like a poem. so much for being a smarty pants. anyway hope it all goes great

Amir Masud

Tabitha, thanks for the poetic encouragement! Saying hi is important for us creatives. We can always support each other!

Amir Masud

Denise, thanks for connecting and for the IMDB link! Quite a range of creative endeavors on and off the screen!

Mark Roman

Amir, sounds fun! I act and write. My IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4432222

Shane Dean

sci fi? id like to have my people take a look at that. send the synopsis and script and any links to teasers and or trailers to info@basesloadedentertainmentgroup.com

Ann Oldham

Please check out my website http://pagosasun.com/wilson/pfeiffer/ .

Joel Yagual

Hey what's up?

Ann Oldham

Joel, Thank you for the connect, please check out my website http://pagosasun.com/wilson/pfeiffer/ . Ann

Joel Yagual

Thank you. Looking forward to connecting. Best of luck!

Amir Masud

Hey Donia! Sci-fi does give us a broad canvas to explore humanity's doings ;) Looking forward to talking more with you. --cheers Amir

Victoria DiGiovanni

Hey Amir: I am a union actor ready to work :) Vikki

Jay Stamatis

Hello Amir, love Sci-fi Check me out... 2 screenplays - LifeCredit and Scroll Back I have outstanding original stuff I would bet that my work will blow you away, so to speak ;) Jay

Michel Pennington

Hello Amir, I am the President of On Scene Fx. A Special FX Makeup Company. If you need Prosthetics and makeup, we'll be happy to work with you. Cheers Michel

Pablo Manali

Hi Amir. I would be interested in composing for you! :)

Bart Willard

Hi Amir, I love sci-fi! I own an art studio called Artistic Alchemy that specializes in work for motion pictures and entertainment... concept art, illustration, 2D/3D work, etc. I've even done some production design, art direction, props, etc. and would love to be of service. http://youtu.be/Vqq4HSSuYgU Wish you well on this project. Bart

KD Dagins

I can help with distribution and programming of your new project email me somethinguremember@gmail.com log on to frequencyworldwide.com for more info.

Papa Spyk

Please have a read of my incredibly inspiring life story that is now published... http://anaughtythingcalledlife.com/ It is my ultimate dream to have a film made of my story and if you know anyone in the film industry please let me know. I would love to know what you think...Spyk

Alexander W. Therrien

Where will u be filming this?

Desire Mcneish

Hi I'm a martial artist actor and have also directed one film and been In many including Yamla Pagla 2 all stars street dance 2 IOU st George's day the 6 clans www.desireofficial.com

Kara Phoebe

Hi Amir, I'm a costumer based out of Chicago, but willing go travel and planning to move to LA soon. I'm a life long fan of sci-fi. I'd love to collaborate with you and help to develop your characters. Please contact me if you're interested.

Christina Marie Leonard

Science fiction/action, sounds like fun! If you are ever interested in collaborating, you can find my info at imdb.me/christinamarieleonard :)

Patrick John Thies

Hello Amir! I am a writer and script supervisor that belongs to a local film production group in L.A. science fiction is my favorite genre and am working on my 2nd feature screenplay. Let me know if you need any help with the project from my production team http://www.twoleggeddogproductions.com/ or feedback on the script (I give notes/coverage as well).

Amaia Liza

Hi Amir, I am actress from Spain, i have a lot of experience in acting and production. I would love to collaborate with all of you. Thanks, Amaia

Raj Abedin

Hey Amir, i'd love to be an actor in your films

Shay McLean

Hey Amir - I l o v e sci-fi...excited to hear more about your project! If you need a dyke-y-looking, little bit heavy, chick in it...I would be great! But make it snappy, because I'm losing weight. LOL Best, Shay

Roma Yagnik

Hi Amir, good to meet you - I'm a film composer who discovered last year that I love scoring Sci-fi! If you're on the look out for a composer I'd love to be considered. You can hear examples (and watch examples to picture) at www.romayagnik.co.uk if you're so inclined!

Douglas Brown

Hello, I'm a storyboard artist. when you're ready for that stage of the process, hit me up. You can see samples on my profile or more work at my site. www.albumartist.com Thanks.

Patrizia Milano

Hi Amir, I am a Los Angeles based actress and am open to participate in your readings. Feel free to get in touch when the time comes. www.imdb.me/patriziamilano

Chia Yu Chen

Hi, I'm an actor just start out in Hollywood. I'm trained from one of the prestige acting school American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Has some training about dance, stage combat and film/stage sword fight. Please keep me updated if you're looking for actress as my type. :)

Turion F. Wilson

Hey' Amir I'd like to be added to your actor data base and you can check out my page for my reel & resume. Turion W.-

John Rachel

I am great with exclamation points! The trick is to use just the right number! Using too many exclamation points diminishes their impact! So if you need help in that area, I'm here! Have a nice day!

Drago Lazetich

Here is my Martial arts comedy webseries WISE HIT shot in Shanghai, China (I am the writer, director, editor and actor of this popular web series) Wise Hit http://www.koldcast.tv/show/wise-hit

Amir Masud

John, sadly the import of your statement is terribly diminished by the excessive use of exclamation points.

Kathy Carlston

Hi Amir, I'm a visual effects artist based out of San Francisco. Here's my portfolio: http://kathycarlstonart.com/portfolio Feel free to get in touch. I'd love to hear more about what you're doing and am available to work. Thanks!

Amir Masud

Hi Kathy, I'd be very interested in talking with you. Especially about match moving, etc!

Mike Altieri

Hi I'm Mike... New here. Is anyone around?

Hillary Van Ness

I am a new, passionate, hard working and dedicated actor and am interested in acting for your films.

Ellen Schoeters

Hi Amir, I love to dive into the soul of new characters! Explore and experience the magic of bringing the character alive and connect with my fellow actors! I'm excited to know more about your film! Check out my website: www.ellenelijahscott.webs.com Have a beautiful day! Best Ellen

Dan Jablons

Hello Amir, my name is Dan Jablons. I have been in improv theater for many years, and last year was lucky enough to do an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. I was also in that viral video "Women of LA" and that was fun. Looking forward to getting to know you, and doing more projects.

Sonja Jones

Good luck! If you need actresses or a co-producer let me know.

Ntinos Tselis

Hi Amir! If you need music here is my work https://soundcloud.com/ntinos-tselis Wishing u all the best!!

Reema Sarin

Super Amir! I am an actor based in New Delhi! Would be great to work together! www.reemabollyfit.com Email: r_sarin@hotmail.com Reema Sarin's Profile: http://www.facebook.com/reema.sarin Join on Facebook - Reema Sarin – The BOLLYFIT Girl! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Reema-Sarin-BOLLYFIT-Girl/111587495844

Rex George

ME: Director : Malayalam Feature feature film CHAMPION THOMAS Serial: Hey Bhai Ithu Dubai Serial: Ayal Paranja Kadha Serial: My Daddy & Me Founder & Director: Dubai Film Club Producer & Anchor : Survivors of The Storm TV Show. Ad Movies & Coporate Movies Acting Coach Photographer Sript Writer Event Manager Good Speaker Voice over artist Resident of Dubai Worked with: Priyadharshan,Mohanlal,Mammooty,Srinivas,Shankaradi, Jagathy,Shankar,Srinath,Mukesh, Innocent,Mamukoya,Ramu, Pappu,Amrish Puri,Prabhu,Anu Kapoor,Cochin Haneefa,Nedumudi, Poojappura Ravi,Thampi Kannamthanam,Thilakan,Captain Raju, Sukumary,KPAC lalitha,Menaka,i,Sreeja,Seema,Philomina,Lizzy, & Many More Trained: At least 75 trained ordinary people to act and brought before the camera to made actors and continuing. www.dubaifilmclub.com www.ummaa.me http://youtu.be/TCOE6mRor70

Rickard Rehnberg

Hi Amir! Love to help in any way I can. Due to the distance I cant pop by and have a chat. But maybe I can help out in some way. Not as an actor thou. That is not my cup of tea. I like to stand behind the camera or computer :-) Check out some of my work at www.youtube.com/user/AgasamFilm.

Laura Fisher

Great Amir I am an actor will be 23rd years old in August and am currently touring will mid July so I will be free in August! Loz_fisher@hotmail.co.uk

Samantha Rivers Cole

Hi! I'm interested in working together. I'm an actress based in NYC. Please see my reel on my website www.SamanthaRiversCole.com and check out my imdb page: www.imdb.com/name/nm3741239/ I am co-founder and performer of the all female sketch comedy troupe: Pirate Sugar, we have a show tonight 06/03/2013 at the PIT 123 E. 24th Street, NYC @9:30 if you'd like to see some of my comedy work. I am highly trained with an MFA in acting from UW and have also studied at Harvard, UC Berkeley and the American Conservatory Theater. Thanks for your time and considerATION. I'd love to audition for you.

Deanna Rashell

Where will you be filming?

Amir Masud

Hi Deanna, most likely in Los Angeles or Detroit.

Deanna Rashell

Thanks. I live part time in Los Angeles so if you film there and need me, let me know, though I can travel anywhere with ease, I just can't do that on my own dime. My site is www.deannameske.com :)

Deanna Rashell

I like to produce and star in projects, I work both sides of the camera.

Deanna Scott

I'd love to work as an actor in one of your films. Just let me know if you are looking for someone

Clarissa Henebury

Hello Amir, I am all about Syfy and action, keep me updated on any projects you might be interested in sharing with me. I'm a young actress ready to explore :] Thanks for getting the word out.

Taylor Hay

Would love to be involved in one of your projects! www.taylor-hay.com

Jr Vaca

I'm game if you need any help! If you need a dialog or scene etc just feel free to get in contact with me.

Tucker Allen

Hi Amir, your new project sounds interesting. I'm an actor and would like the opportunity to work with you.

Stefania Marcone

Hi Amir, let me know if you need an Italian actress in your movie :) Ciao!

Meeta Jhunjhunwala

Hi Amir, We do line production in New Zealand and India, if you would have a requirement pls do let us know. We also have a talent management wing, so let me know if u want Indian actors. All the best for your project!!!

Rex George

My Serial promo: Produced in UAE: http://youtu.be/TCOE6mRor70

Darion Leigh

www.darionleigh,com I am an art-director. I love concept art and science fiction. Here is a link to my art. I want to co-direct or art-direct on a fim this year. Ideally science fiction. I bring a lot of production skills including editing and after effects and 3d sculpting. Get in touch if you want too collaborate.

Nicole Masuku

wusup, im an actress, almost at the end of my studies, (Honours) six months left. i love acting and am already starting to look for work opportunities. i am in durban, south africa and will be directing my first play in september. (also studying directing :) ) it an honour to share this stage with people like you guys who have been doing this for ages, i feel that i am seeing and learning lot. i hope to continue learning as time goes by. all the best in your films and plays and hope everything works out :-D

Crystal Kelley

Hi Amir, I saw your reels of the two short films. You have some very interesting visual concepts you have put into motion. I am a cinematographer and like to work in the same way of letting the imagery tell the story. I would like to collaborate with you on your next project here is a link to my reel. https://vimeo.com/62976031 Hope to talk soon! Crystal

Brandon Oliver Jones

I'm an actor in Las Vegas. Let me know if you need some one my type. I've been in stage productions on and off the strip. I'm trying to build reel for my film career. Please let me know if you need my help! Thanks!

Goran Banyai

Great visual storytelling. You're on to something very strong. I'll check your other reels out soon.

Lina Jones

Hello & welcome, good read you should post some trailers or your work so we all can check it out. :D

Mark Ratering

i'm interested mrateringg@hoymail.com

Amir Masud

thanks for the suggestion, Lina. I updated the post with two samples.

Samuel J. Scola

Hi Amir, I have instrumental songs, that could fit your films. Go to www.reverbnation.com type in Sam Scola. I like the the new film and trailer you have posted!

Alfred Goode

Hi Im AJ check out my resume and profile please im great at what i do im a keeper

Jay Sawyer

Amir, I am a professional union voice over talent who specializes in voicing movie trailers. Let me know how can I help? --Jay Sawyer VoiceMaster Ltd http://www.voicemasterltd.com

Author Priscilla Shareese

Hi Jay, I am a writer and would love to work with you on your projects, much success

Jay Stamatis

Thanks Priscilla, I will send you an add request. J

Brandon Oliver Jones

I'm an actor! :)

James David Sullivan

"When I'm good, I am really good. But when I'm bad, I'm even badder"

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