Introduce Yourself : Life-long Learner by Dave Wickenden

Dave Wickenden

Life-long Learner

Hello everyone,

I am former deputy Fire Chief from Canada who decided to continue the adrenalin rush after retirement by becoming a thriller author. I have four novels published which I have since adapted to feature scripts. In Defense of Innocence and Deadly Harvest is part of my child exploitation series with a third title in the planning stages. Homegrown deals with the radicalization of young American by ISIS and Mad Dog has a group of teens taking on a psychopath in a northern mining town in 1975. I'm a member of the International Thriller Association, The International Screenwriters Association and the Writer's Union of Canada. I am currently writing both the novel and screenplay for my next political thriller while shopping a YA Fantasy to Literary agents.

I look forward to meeting and learning from all those on this site.

Maritere Ysern

Hi Dave. I really enjoy thrillers! As you have written both novels and screenplays which do think lends itself more the genre and why?

Dave Wickenden

Hi Maritere. Thanks for reaching out. Like any adaptation, each brings strengths and weaknesses. The novel allows the reader to immerse themselves into the inner thoughts of the characters, while film give us the visual effect and everything must be shown. It's why I love doing both. Best of both worlds.

Maritere Ysern

Thanks for responding! I bet it must be fun writing for both. I am currently writing a murder mystery screenplay (with thriller elements) and I keep wondering if I should turn it into a novel just so I can have my characters "share" their POVs. Have you had feedback from your readers or viewers as to which of your works (between book and screenplay) ends up being more "thrilling" ?

WL Wright

America apparently draws your imagination. Cool long live America, the Red, White and Blue.

Tasha Lewis

Welcome and Congratulations!

Paul French

Is there a Back Draft in your future? I am also a Canadian who is really into procedural stories like Back Draft was or at least the fire investigation part of it.

Tracey Collis

Hi Dave

I love stories like yours. I also reshaped my life recently xxx

Once you are auditioning I would love you to view my SHOWREEL

I am biting at the bit to get back to acting as Covid has been an unwanted intruder.

Tracey Sarah Collis

Hi all fellow film makers, worldwide...hope you are all SAFE!

I’ve returned to acting after 35yrs as a Production Designer.

Born in Berkshire, UK, my parents immigrated to Cape Town, South Africa when I was 3. After graduating from UCT Drama School I immediately followed my true passion of acting on Stage and Screen. A few awards later I found the media attention too much and lost my nerve in front of the camera and turned to the Art Department.

Late in 2018 I realized that it was acting I was after and it’s never too late.

2 Supporting ID DISCOVERY roles and 2 feature leads quickly followed.

My partner and I decided it was time to move back to Europe and arrived in Perigueux in December, 2019. I immediately landed a Boston Scientific advert in Paris, and as Covid slowed down the industry I also landed the lead In SAVE ROSEMARY, a feature filmed remotely by 12 women worldwide. Last week I was meant to fly to London for a good Netflix role but 2 days prior, UK announced a 14 day quarantine for French visitors, red lighting me for the role. Sad but my determination will always drive me forward and I look forward to my next acting opportunity.

Dave Wickenden

Maritere, as my screenplays have yet to be filmed, there is no comparison. As to your idea of writing the novel, go for it.

Dave Wickenden

Hi Paul. I don't see a fire fighting script as of yet. As for Back Draft, although it was entertaining, especially Donald Sutherland's performance, it was so unbelievable from a fire fighters POV. It would have served the film better if they had brought in a real fire fighter as a consultant.

Dave Wickenden

Hi Tracy. Happy to meet you. Best of luck!

Dave Wickenden

WL Wright, actually only one of my stories, Homegrown is set in the states. Two are set in Canada and the other in Paris. However my current story does take place in the US as it deals with the American Nazi Movement.

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