Introduce Yourself : Lifestyle Video Producer by Sebastian Cuevas Minotta

Sebastian Cuevas Minotta

Lifestyle Video Producer

Hey all, I am Sebastian Cuevas Minotta, Colombian cinematographer, editor and motion graphics designer. I travel the world creating lifestyle videos for fortune 500 clients and other billion dollar companies. I'm always interested in connecting with people from all around the world, especially content creators since some of my clients like for me to hire local creators in some instances. Please shoot me a message and I'd love to check out your work as well as would love for you to check out mine :)

Marlene Hamerling

Hi Sebastian. While pursuing my acting career, in fits and starts, I've made my living as a writer (for a number of Fortune 500 clients, as well). While a lot of it has been marketing and advertising, over the past few years, I've written scripts for several hundred corporate videos. Perhaps we should talk.:-)

Sebastian Cuevas Minotta

Marlene, I'd love to talk more and maybe share contacts!

Sebastian Cuevas Minotta

Kathryn, it's a bit more common than you may imagine! Especially since such companies typically have hundreds of employees ;)

Art Thomas

Welcome to Stage32. We wish you much success.

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