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Zee Upītis

Looking for real people

I never do this intro stuff but here I am back from the neverland muahh.. I've been heavily involved with the electronic music scene worldwide for well over two decades, living the art really: organizing raves, producing music, performing live visuals with a self-developed CGI engine.. But I always knew I was going to do films at some point in my life too -- granted I survive that far. I did. Now I am on a path of a total "career" change -- well under way, in fact. I have never seen what I am doing in my life as a "career" and neither can film be. I won't shy away from earning money but the whole point is making the films I want the world to see. It's personal, aight? Why I am here then: I was just thinking the other day how difficult it is gonna be to find my people in this new world. Mindless online networking is useless in this regard, it's just dealing with copy/pastes and contentless oneliners from non-descript ambitious stiffies n bubblies. Real life networking is even less efficient, especially here in London. The people I've met range from fake to empty, I'd say some even border on demotivation. The problem is, filmmaking is not a solitary exercise -- there has to be a team, and better yet not for a commissioned production but to flesh out and push own production to start with. I am beginner so I need to find other beginners to work with. But what if I am pretty damn developed aesthetically, technically, organizationally, oh and should I say spiritually -- and working with people who are not getting there is frustrating? Are there any REAL people on Stage32, not absorbed by their quest for career, but driven by their artistic and technical passions, willing to learn the rules but not necessarily play by them, not looking for instant external gratification but having this fire burning from deep within, having some vision and fuck 'em all attitude? YEAH. Just thinking. ///e

Sheta Kaey

We're out here. Maybe we're all just beginners.

Zee Upītis

Beginners are what I am looking for but they must have something real to offer instead of good will faith that they are gonna make it big in this industry by being a copy of the next guy -- in that case they're just oversaturating the amateur market and degrading the artform. They say everyone is unique once you get to know the person. Oh yeah, so stop keeping your personality behind closed door in a business which is 100% about expression. But that's largely a London thing I guess. I don't know any big guns around here but the average folk I meet are laidback and superficial. You seem to have an interesting thing going on though -- go for it! Nowadays you need ten times less resources to start making films. The most valuable asset is still the crew, and the more close-knit and personally involved they are in the project, the less manpower and resources you need. That's how I see it anyway.

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