Introduce Yourself : Looking forward to Work and Collaborate with like minds by Rodney Rogers-Beckley

Rodney Rogers-Beckley

Looking forward to Work and Collaborate with like minds

Hello Stage32 members, my name is Rodney Rogers Beckley from Sierra Leone, West Africa now based in Los Angeles, California. I am a skilled multimedia professional with 12yrs of experience creating and producing audio and video contents for radio, television and private use. I am an Actor, Filmmaker and Video Editor. I speak English, French and Krio. And working on a forth language, Spanish. I have been busy doing some online course which prevented me from working on any film production since we finished the movie Out of My Hand in 2014. This movie won the Best US fiction at the LA Film Festival 2015 and you can find it on Netflix. I am ready to go back to work, opened to collaborate with filmmakers, especially those living in California. So, if you are in LA please feel free to hit me up on any film project as a PA, Grip, Gaffer…etc. I just want to work again. Meanwhile, as an independent filmmaker, I am working on 3 shorts script to be shot before the end of summer 2019. Looking forward to collaborate.

Pamela Bolinder

Hello Rodney and welcome to Stage 32! Jump in and participate!

Wayne Jarman

Welcome, Rodney. All the best!

Adam Harper

Welcome to Stage 32 Rodney :-)

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