Introduce Yourself : Looking to join network, my company will do things in the entertainment industry never done before! by Juan Thompson

Juan Thompson

Looking to join network, my company will do things in the entertainment industry never done before!

Hello, My name is Juan A. Thompson, I'm the Founder/ President/ CEO of the Independent Artist Competition Association, Inc. (IACA). I'm originally from Dayton, OH, however, grew up the majority of my life in Hampton Roads, VA. I boxed for over 25 years both amateur and professional, combined. Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to be a movie director and used to draw my own comic books. However, in 1998, I got my first taste of being in a recording studio and I completely feel in love. I began working with an independent label just doing stuff like; running errands, making sure artists were on time to the studio, etc. During that time I was learning the basic of the music industry. I purchased a game called, "MTV's Music Generator" and I started making beats on it...and I became fascinated with making beats. I even starting writing songs and notice I was pretty good at that, too. I transitioned into a music producer working with various local artists in the studio. I never got a chance to work with anyone on a major scale or major artist. My production was unique and very detailed. I had an ear for instruments and I am one of those people who just don't hear music, I feel music. So, in 2002 I began transitioning into an artist manager in Atlanta. I dealt with many artists throughout the years and doing various projects. However, during this time, I still had a love for film. I've always been fascinated with movies, especially epic movies. I would, literally, purchase the my favorite movie's DVD just to watch the special features to see how it was made. I ended up writing a script for a comic book character I created when I was a kid. I'm almost complete with it, however, it's a very interesting story. I don't know if I'll ever get the opportunity to see it come alive, it would be awesome, however. I would say that my most proudest creation was my company, the IACA. The IACA is the world's first-ever professional sports league for independent recording artist stage performance competition. I invented and patented a new revolutionary form of music competition I call, "Music-Sports". Music-Sports combines a unique scoring system with the infrastructure of professional sports league, much like the NFL and NBA. I honestly believe that this platform will change the music industry. Well, I've always been told that If I had money behind me I would be a very dangerous man, because it's so easy for me to create things. All I can do is keep hope and faith in GOD and meet the right people in the future. Well, that's my story and I hope you liked what I had to say. Please visit my company's website at Sincerely, Juan A. Thompson

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