Introduce Yourself : Lurking days are over! by Isabelle Dore

Isabelle Dore

Lurking days are over!

Hello from Québec, Canada :) I've been on Stage32 for about 6 months now and I love everything about it! So I decided to make the time to say a first hi, instead of waiting for free time to do it. Let's face it, free time doesn't happen unless you make time for it. Especially when you have a very energetic 5 year-old boy!

So, I used to be a drama and English as second language high school teacher until me and my family miraculously survived a train crashing in our car on an unmanned crossing. My dearly loved white husky Sikou gave his life to save my son's, who was only 2 back then. He jumped from the back of our hatchback CR-V and laid on his best friend Sasha to protect and reassure him with his warm body. He's our true hero, Sasha wouldn't be with us if Sikou hadn't sacrificed himself.

As you might have guessed, I've been told so many times that our story would be an amazing movie, I'm now working on the script! As a drama teacher who did movies with her students a few years back, I'm having a lot of fun going through Stage32 education to make my story to the big screen.

Looking forward to getting in touch with you amazing artists!


Rebecca Riseling

Powerful true story, Izzy, it brings me close to tears just reading of the near-tragedy Sikou averted. Oh, how we love their devotion and pure love!

Amanda Toney

So glad you took the time to introduce yourself! So sorry to hear about such a crazy life story. I’m sure you could find a writer here who might be interested in making that story come to life.

Karen "Kay" Ross

So glad your lurking days are over - welcome, Izzy! How goes your search?

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