Introduce Yourself : Mary K. Wiebe; Screenwriter/Novelist by Mary Wiebe

Mary Wiebe

Mary K. Wiebe; Screenwriter/Novelist

Hi, It's good to be a part of Stage 32! I have just returned home from the Rocaberti's Writing Retreat in France where I received a Fellowship for my current Screenplay. I am excited about the possibilities of being a part of two well known and creative groups; Rocaberti and Stage 32.

I am new to the world of screenwriting and getting my work noticed and look forward to learning how to maneuver this wonderful and scary yet beneficial world of cinema.

Teresa Crawford

Hi Mary! Congrats on your fellowship and welcome!

Donnalyn Vojta

Hey, Mary. I'm a novelist and screenwriter, too! It's fun to go back and forth between formats. I find it challenging and exciting... You?

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