Introduce Yourself : Matt Hurd, the new Happy Writers Assistant! by Matt Hurd

Matt Hurd

Matt Hurd, the new Happy Writers Assistant!

Hey all, My name's Matt, and I'm a newly minted assistant in the Happy Writers program (based in Hollywood). Proud to be a part of the team, and excited to meet and interact with you all across the site! I'm also a writer (TV and comics, mostly), production assistant, editor, and tea enthusiast.

Jeremy Trahan

Hi Matt!

Boomer Murrhee

Welcome, Matthew to this incredible community. I have made great connections since I stumbled on to the site. I learn more each day. Look forward to seeing you around. Much success to you.

Rosalind Winton

Hi Matthew, welcome to the team.. I'm the official editor for the site and I'm still excited by all the opportunities that have opened up to me since joining the site and the team. It's a great place to be.

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Welcome! Joey is building a great team. As a screenwriter Brooklyn native Manhattan resident I am getting very close to doing my first pitch session. It took me well over a year to finally get my Comedy "Hope Saves Manhattan" down to the 96 page celtx formatted script that I am "Happy" with. I met RB(last year @ Tribeca) I have attended several webinars that Joey hosted. I know if I want to be successful and get my script made into a film it is going to require all the help I can get from Stage 32 and "Happy Writers" in particular. Again. Welcome. You are now part of the greatest writing fellowship created since Shakespeare had the gang over for mutton and Ale to talk shop.

Terri Viani

Hi Matt! Congrats on the new gig!

Wade Dienert

Hi Matt. Congratulations on your new gig!! I have two episodes for an upcoming pilot written, with the third & fourth on the way. We have a great team but I have no knowledge of where to go with this as far pitching it to a network etc. We could potentially shoot it this summer and have all of that stuff covered. Any suggestions from you or pointers would be greatly appreciated! Thank Matt. Wade Everett Dienert from "Tilt."

Gina Gladwell

Congrats, Matt!

Melissa Willis

Hi Matt!

Laudane L. Martin

Welcome to Stage 32 family Matt, it's a great place to be.

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Welcome to the team Matt! We're thrilled to have you here! What are you writing nowadays?

Tony Moschetto

Congrats, Matt! Welcome!

Jessi Seguin

Welcome! You sound awesome, but your tea enthusiasm is endearing.

Richard "RB" Botto

The new teammate! Good to see you, Matt!

Fiona Faith Ross

Good to meet you.

David Levy

Welcome Matt! TV and comic writing is definitely up my alley! Especially since I merged both in a TV pilot!

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Welcome Matt, from the other coast Joey is lucky to have you. Now If I can only figure out how to work Skype I can do a verbal pitch for my (2) scripts that are ready. 1) "Hope Saves Manhattan"(on my profile page under loglines) and 2) "Moses, Columbus, The Moon, & Mars a comedy short.(which is (4) SNL type sketches linked together with a similar theme written in a Mel Brooks style). But I'll wait till after Tribeca when RB comes East maybe he has some suggestions. It will be my one year anniversary in a week. Any NYC metro Stage 32 creatives reading this HELP!!!!!

Alexis Guthrie

Welcome aboard! :)

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Ha-ha-happy to have you at the Stage 32 Ha-ha-Happy Writers! :)

Greg McDonald

Hey Matt, nice to meet you here.

Ethan Marten

My hero! ;-) Hey, Matt. Mazel tov!!!

Zlatan Mustafica

Thanks for all the guidance and assistance regarding Happy Writers, Matt!

Lee Dunnavant (Lebo)

Hi Matt It was wonderful to meet you at the Women Trailblazers panel last nite. Though brief, it was a pleasure.. Looking forward to meeting you at another Stage32 event soon. Hope to get to one of the Happy Writers Monthly meet ups soon. Lee

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