Introduce Yourself : Me?! by Samar Khalefa

Samar Khalefa


Hello everyone!

I’m new here in stage32 and I want to declare that I’m now more prone to get new assessment for my first steps as a screen writer.

Since some years, I started to dream of having a lot of careers and jobs. I have talents in music, singing, drawing and painting, art in general, scientific research, psychology, books writing, what else?

I was a great daydreamer so that I had a lot of materials to create and act scenes. I recently wanted to focus on being an actress and a screen writer. Just started some tiny steps at my college to act, my friends told me I act very nice. Especially, my facial expressions that I do a good job in.

I deal sometimes with these dreams like a feather of white innocence and it will pass by, but when I find myself do the things so I’m on this way I can’t even ask myself how I took this road and satisfied myself to do the creation I liked to do for days and months without being able to take a step.

Hope we all have the right paths for our dreams and passion to play a role in screen processes.

Nice to meet you all ;)

Maurice Vaughan

Welcome to the community, Samar Khalefa. Here's the link to the Acting Lounge ( and here's the link to the Screenwriting Lounge ( I don't know much about acting, but if you ever want screenwriting advice, let me know. :)

Samar Khalefa

Thanks a lot Maurice :)

Sure I will

Shellie Schmals

Hi Samar Khalefa - so nice to meet you and welcome to Stage 32! Here you can take those daydreams and make them a reality! You should also check out our Stage 32 Success Stories Lounge to see what our members are achieving!!

Samar Khalefa

Thanks Shellie for sharing!

Appreciated and nice to meet you

Maurice Vaughan

You're welcome, Samar Khalefa. What genres do you want to write?

Samar Khalefa

Maurice Vaughan I’m yet a new screen writer, but I wrote a fantasy, romantic drama screenplay recently. I wrote before a book about some vibes.

Maurice Vaughan

That's great, Samar Khalefa. I write Fantasy and Drama also. Most of my scripts have two genres (Example: Fantasy/Comedy). Did you publish your book?

Samar Khalefa

Great job Maurice Vaughan . Yes it is published

Maurice Vaughan

Thanks, Samar Khalefa.

That's great! Congratulations! What is your book about?

MB Stevens

Welcome Samar Khalefa

Luca Mannea

Nice to meet you Samar, looking forward to connect :)

Samar Khalefa

Maurice Vaughan the book is about self expression and real life vibes

Samar Khalefa

Luca Mannea Nice to meet you too Luca :)

Matthew Parvin

Welcome, Samar! Nice to meet you. Glad you're here. I've been dreaming for 22 years, and just acquired representation YESTERDAY. It can happen, just don't ever stop creating!

Samar Khalefa

Thanks! Matthew Parvin glad you achieved your goal. All the best for all dreamers!

Maurice Vaughan

Your book sounds interesting, Samar Khalefa. Is it "The Track of the Eyelids"?

Samar Khalefa

Maurice Vaughan The book is called “self expression: real life vibes”. While “The Track of the Eyelids” is the name of the movie script I wrote which I’m so thrilled and in love with because the story is unique as described by a book consultant :)

Maurice Vaughan

Love the titles, Samar Khalefa. “self expression: real life vibes” and “The Track of the Eyelids.” You're in the right place to meet producers, directors, actors, production companies, etc. that can bring your script to life.

Samar Khalefa

Maurice Vaughan Thanks for giving hope I appreciate your opinion

Maurice Vaughan

You're welcome, Samar Khalefa.

Sam Mannetti

Welcome Samar! I recommend checking out the Writer's Room. It's a fantastic resource to use as you work on your creative endeavors.

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