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Melanie Scramling

Melanie Scramling I Actress I Screenwriter I PA

Hello everyone! I'm Melanie Scramling, a Cleveland local, and I like to call myself a "Retail Employee by Weekday/Actor on my Days Off". I've been fully committed to furthering my acting career for about six months now. I've been a special guest in a webseries, and I've been a featured extra in two films. As well as I have recently found an admiration for screenwriting. I have a webseries in the works, as well as I have completed a film. I am currently working on another film, as well. One that is much closer to my heart, and one that is more of my own personal interest in what I want to do. For that very reason when it is completed I will be casting myself in it, because why not?! (I will not be the star, I'll leave that for someone else ;)). I've recently tried to live by my own mantra of "The best person to bring your thoughts and ideas in the world is you." :). Because I have become more committed to my future in acting I've recently had the immense pleasure of becoming a part time PA for a local film company and helped them finish their film (I met them by being an extra in the same film I helped them finish), although I started in the middle and it was for a smaller film company I treated it as a great (and definitely fun) way to further my career and at the end they promoted me to full time! As well as I was able to be a special guest on one of the actors webseries he had started up. All of this I was able to fulfill in only six short months! So yes, you can start doing things in this field once you give yourself a big kick in the butt! And yes you can start to fulfill things also having a part time job!

Kevin Murray

Good for you Melanie! Sounds like you are going about it the right way. To continued success and growth, and clarity on your chosen path!

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