Introduce Yourself : Music Composer/Musician by Robert Encarnacion Gastelum

Robert Encarnacion Gastelum

Music Composer/Musician

Hi My name is Robert. I am composing/recording music out of Napa, CA. I am available to help provide audio content.

Gasangwa Pacifique

good and wish you a good future

Richard "RB" Botto

Hi Robert. Welcome to Stage 32. Be sure to check out the Composing section of the Lounge. Amazing talent hanging out there.

Pat Savage

Hello and welcome to Stage 32 and my network! As RB says check out the Composing section of the Lounge. I have secured two film jobs from right here! Happy networking!

Richard "RB" Botto

Love it, Pat! When are you going to write a blog, brother! Need to share those experiences!

Jorge J Prieto

Welcome Robert to the family. Hope to hear more from you in the lounges.

Pat Savage

Hey Richard "RB" Botto been busy here in rural Scotland this past month so a tardy response. I have a blog about bikes and music and spiritual stuff. As my film composer career kicks in full time by next year I shall start a blog about the progress and how I come up with ideas etc. Greetings from Bonnie Scotland. Headed to warmer climes next week in Spain after wrapping Sunday. Vroom

Richard "RB" Botto

Love it, Pat Savage - always inspiring, my friend.

Pat Savage

Again a late response but I am also always inspired by you too

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