Introduce Yourself : Music Composer/Producer/Engineer just moved to LA from Cairo, Egypt! by Omar El-Deeb

Omar El-Deeb

Music Composer/Producer/Engineer just moved to LA from Cairo, Egypt!

I am a self-taught composer, producer, musician, and audio engineer that is ever-curious about music and technology. I have been active in the music industry for the past decade; as a live and studio musician with a wide variety of artists at first, until I found solace in the studio making music for TV, Film, and Radio as well as production for bands. To me, it all comes down to the same thing: making good music, and making good music sound better. I started my career in Cairo, Egypt building a solid reputation and began my move to California in 2015. Now I hope to settle in LA for a while. Check out my work at:

Linwood Bell

Great stuff, Omar! Really enjoyed it.

Omar El-Deeb

Hi Linwood, thank you for listening :) I checked out your website and enjoyed the music very much!

Linwood Bell

Thanks! I hope LA is treating you good and keeping you very busy. :)

Omar El-Deeb

Still finding my way.. I moved here permanently a month ago. I'm loving it tho!

David Beard

Wow... great website you have Omar, excellent work. Congratulations.

Linwood Bell

If you're looking to meet some new friends and hang with some great composers/arrangers, consider joining or at least go to some of their events or masterclasses. I live in Vegas but was in LA a couple months ago to go to jorge calandrelli's masterclass that asmac held. Lotta fun.

Omar El-Deeb

@Linwood I will do that. @David thank you very much!

Sydney J. Levine


Cherry Heart

I just moved here too a few weeks ago, Welcome to L.A. I hope all of your dreams come true :) Muah!

Reneta Sikes

Omar I love your website. I am currently learning HTML to hope to make my own website one day.

Omar El-Deeb

Thank you for the lovely comments guys!

Sadie Dean

Welcome to the community, Omar! A pleasure to have your talents here on Stage 32. Really enjoyed listening to your tracks. Well done!

Aray Brown

Welcome Omar!

Curtis J Lofgren

Curtis Lofgren, been in California for a long, long time. Anyone want to read one of my screenplays? I've got rom-com, comedies, horror and one out of this world.

Sue Lange

Nice stuff.

Omar El-Deeb

Thank you guys!

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