Introduce Yourself : Music Composer and music licensing company representative by Philippe Falliex

Philippe Falliex

Music Composer and music licensing company representative

Hi everyone!

I'm a music composer ( and I represent Music Partner, ( a music licensing company that offers an innovative model of publishing revenue sharing called “Profit-Sharing”.

We have a music library, we do audio post-production (Music editing and mix) and of course we produce original music (scoring).

Our model is simple, the producers who use our music and services are members. They have free access to use our music library for all kinds of projects including documentaries and fiction / films. They also access our paid services (post production and Scoring).

When the productions are broadcast, the music generates editorial rights paid by the broadcasters to the PRO (ASCAP, BMI…). We collect these rights and redistribute up to 50% of the income to the producer user of this music according to formula tables. It’s as if the user producer is the co-editor of our catalog.

A video explains how our model works:

The use of the library, our post-production or music production services generates different payouts but all reach 50% depending on the rights generated by the user producer during the year.

the formulas are displayed here:

We have set up a “Covid Aid Program” which authorizes any production eligible for 3 years of membership free of charge.

Music composer, music producer, Philippe Falliex
Music composer, music producer, Philippe Falliex
Music Score Song composition Music Producer Music Licensing SACEM medal / Declared Permanent Member of the Sacem (2007) The album "Entre Nous" is certified Platinium (Artist Liane Foly) The album "Aco…
Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict

Philippe Falliex Do you publish lyrics? Do you buy lyrical rights?

I am a lyricist looking to sell my lyrics at this time.

Philippe Falliex

Hi, no we don't acquire only lyrics, only intrumental or song

Danny Fleming

My 4D movie has pop songs from the sixties. Do you do anything like that?

Philippe Falliex

We have 60's music in the library, but if you are searching for specific known songs from the sixties you have to reach the publisher of those songs.

Angela Bond

Hi. I’d be interested in representation in your library. You can hear my latest music here on SoundCloud.

Philippe Falliex

Hi Angela, you can register at it's our dedicated site for composer and songwriter, from there you can submit works to our team

Joan Enering

You sound like a dynamo!!! I really like your ideas about your company.

I. used to write songs, but. I don't really have any way of recording my work. Plus, I don't have a great voice. I wish you great luck.

Philippe Falliex

Thanks Joan! I wish you the best!

Tasha Lewis

Thank you for sharing! Sounds like a great resource.

Philippe Falliex

Thanks to you Tasha, contact us anytime for more info

Tasha Lewis

Your welcome Philippe Falliex. I will use for future projects.

Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict

Philippe Falliex Do you represent lyricists/songwriters at this time?

Philippe Falliex

No, we are working with composer only, but we are not agent.

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