Introduce Yourself : Music Producer by Vicente Lerro

Vicente Lerro

Music Producer

Hello everyone! I am happy to post again to introduce myself. I am a music producer based in Thailand for 22 years, I've helped countless of people turning their musical ideas into master tracks. I composed a lot in 2020 since the Covid started. Today I am happy to share that one of my goals has been successfully achieved; I released 2 Albums in this year and I got 10K followers on Spotify and more than 250K streams.My music is a mixture of LATIN-EDM which sounds totally with a different color. Thanks to all the one supported me to be able to share my 2020's happiness. VL

Jim Mayer

Hello everyone. I recently formed a feature-film production company with veteran Hollywood filmmakers David Massey and Rodney Allen Hooks. David Massey has been nominated for an Academy Award. Rodney Allen Hooks, like myself, is a veteran screenwriter-director-producer. Massey-Hooks-Mayer Entertainment is our company. Our first slate of feature films has just been completed for the coming New Year.

Richard "RB" Botto

Some remarkable milestones, Vicente. Curious what you've done to build that audience. I bet many here would love to learn some of your strategies. Congratulations!

Vicente Lerro

Hi, Richard. No secrets, I posted in social media for the whole year.

I am using YouTube, Soundcloud, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and more.

Family and friends helped a lot.

I think the most important is to organize well the information you want to share and link all of them

Richard "RB" Botto

Couldn't agree with you more, my friend. you clearly get it. Earned every bit of your success.

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