Introduce Yourself : My Name is Jessica! by Jessica Jade Kathryn McLeod

Jessica Jade Kathryn McLeod

My Name is Jessica!

Hello fellow freaks and geeks! I am new to Stage 32, so be nice ;) I have always been a film and art enthusiast, spending long hours pouring over Tim Burton biographies and a rather large (stupendous) DVD collection ever since I could read. I have idolized the beauty and splendor of actors and models and followed their process into stardom, hoping to one day follow in their footsteps. But of course, one can only start at the beginning. So I find myself sketching and commissioning my art work, designing beautiful tattoos for friends, modelling as both a favour to friends and colleagues or simply to improve my portfolio. I write long scripts and stories to find myself stuck in a rut, abandoning the tales for months on end before rediscovering them with a new pair of eyes and surprising myself by continuing, and improving, the words on the page. I love nothing more than to dress up in a costume and BE an entirely new person for a day or two, whether it be cosplaying at comicon or by playing a role in a play or film, giving my personal opinions on improvement when accepted. I hope to expand, better myself, learn new things and meet new people! Grow with the community within the creative industry and fulfill everyone's lifelong dream of becoming somebody, and helping others become their favourite person in the process.

Cyrus Dana

Welcome aboard. I hope there are things I can help you with.

Jessica Jade Kathryn McLeod

Thank you! Anything going in and around Edinburgh, give me a shout! x

Christof Davis

Welcome Jessica! Hope you are having a good day. :-)

Lin Jusan

Hello Jessica, I am new too and I love Cosplaying!

Bill Hartin

It sounds like you live in a mystical, strange and wonderful world. Can't wait to hear more about it as you get settled in here. Welcome.

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