Introduce Yourself : My dark secret: I'm a writer! by Don Riemer

Don Riemer

My dark secret: I'm a writer!

Greetings! And first, thanks to Richard Botto for suggesting that I give you all a shout. I am new to this site, and welcome any and all ideas, musings, connections, and chili recipes. So, thanks RB! Okay, me…. I am chiefly a screenwriter. I've also produced, directed and edited hundreds of video projects in the corporate sector. (If you imagine, "The Secret Life of Peptides" you'll have the right idea.) On the entertainment side, I've penned 25 shorts and 4 features. My current feature has me pretty excited. It's a Cohen Brothers-like comedy, which will get its 3rd table read in two weeks. If you want to see some of the other kinds of things I like to write, point your peepers at these two short films: Anyway, I believe this is the year I'll make some things happen, and I think this site will play a key role. And with that in mind... I guess I shouldn't be shy.... I'd like to find an agent! I don't expect him or her to do all the work finding producers or projects. I'm interested in a Partnership (notice that capital P), one in which the agent and I share both the work and the responsibility for making things happen. So if you are or know such a person, please reach out. I am truly delighted to meet you all, and good luck with all your projects!

Richard "RB" Botto

Don, a pleasure to meet you, brother...And thank you for sharing. You obviously have a wealth of experience (and talent)...No question you'll be a huge asset to this community. Congratulations on the new feature script. There is nothing more thrilling for a writer - at least in the pre pre-production stage of a script - than a table read. Here's wishing you nothing but the best. Looking forward to seeing you around and to your contributions! RB

Don Riemer

Many thanks, Richard, and same to you! Also, to you and everyone here, I hasten to add: this is a 2-way street. Free advice baked fresh daily! Seriously, I haven't made a living in media for 25 years without learning a thing or two. If I can offer anyone any suggestions, you need only ask. (I also teach film editing at the college level.) Here's one to start. If you are weary of the fast food quality of summer blockbusters, see Shane Carruth's "Upstream Color." A fresh breeze for sure.

Richard "RB" Botto

Love that attitude, Don...I have a saying: Give first, take second. All creatives should take that to heart.

Don Riemer

Well, I'm tryin, but at heart I'm as grasping and self-absorbed as anyone! ;-) Okay, to be fair, teaching for the past 3 years has stunned me into realizing that I do in fact have something worthwhile to say now and again. My students seem to think so, anyway. Hope I can bring the occasional good idea to this community. Thanks again!

Richard "RB" Botto

Of this, my friend, I have no doubt. If you're a teacher, there's something innate in you that makes you want to give back...

Clayton Loring

Nice story, time travel is a tough subject.

Don Riemer

Thanks Clayton! This one was written for the monthly contest at The theme that month, simply enough, was "2 people, one room." Why that simple specification led me to this story, I cannot say. And thanks to Dan Piatt for doing such a great job.

Natalia 'Saw Lady' Paruz

Thank you for sharing your movie - love it! Well done, on many levels! I'm a musical saw player in NYC - would love to work with you some day (this is me recently on CBS Evening News )

Don Riemer

Thanks Natalia! The only film I know in which the saw was used in the score was "One Flew Over the Cukoo's Nest" in 1975. It's a very moving sound. How about making a demo, just using stock footage shot around NYC, showing the different kinds of moods and sounds you can create. Look at what Zoe Keating does with cello loops: Maybe try something similar? Thanks again!

Natalia 'Saw Lady' Paruz

That's a great idea about making a demo video - thank you! I'm now going to watch the cello video you embedded but before that I just wanted to share a Fox Searchlight movie I did in 2011, 'Another Earth', in which I coached the actor to mime saw playing (what you hear is my playing): The music is by composer Scott Munson, who is on the Stage32 website too.

Don Riemer

Holy Buckets! I LOVE THIS MOVIE! (note my rare use of uppercase.) Honestly, this is one of my top films of the last ten years. And I'm delighted to learn that you are active in promoting your work. My compliments to both you and the actor, because I totally believed he was actually playing that saw. Also, about Zoe Keating, there are oodles of videos of her online. In some, she talks about the technology she cobbled together to let her loop the cello live. Thanks again for sharing!

Jamie K.

Hi Don, would you be interested in producing my documentary, It is NON-PROFIT Co. ,we need funding to finish this..Jamie

Pauline McCarthy

Brilliant work, well done!

Eric Stacey

Wow. Exciting work, Don.

Arhynn Descy

Hi Don! Love your headline.... you definitely have a way with words!! Its good to meet you. Unfortunately I don't have any chilli recipes for you....went to a chilli festival last weekend, though, if that counts. I enjoyed your film 'The Small multiple'. Wish you success with getting an agent. Arhynn

Don Riemer

Thanks Pauline, Eric amd Arhynn! Much appreciated. And again I must give director Dan Piatt most of the credit for "The Small Multiple." He and his team put a vast amount of work into that project. In general, the DVXUser contest pulls in some very fine film makers. Check it out some time!

Carl David

Great piece of work; left me wanting more. Thanks for sharing!

Precious Marshall


Michael J. Hunt

Excellent work, Don! I'm like Carl, I want more!

Don Riemer

Thanks everyone! You should check out the director's other work on Vimeo. He is Dan Piatt, and his film "Placebo" is another favorite. (and I had nothing to do with it.) Here's his site: Drill down to Films and you will find Placebo, and a few other gems. Great stuff. Enjoy!

Marjorie Ballentine

Terrific work!

Janet Caulfield

Hi Don, Really enjoyed the video, writing, mood music made it very suspenseful.

Luis Montalvo

Great story

Janet Biery

Deep - love all the science on display. Not sure how you set it all up, but very convincing. Really enjoyed.Good luck on this - has it won awards yet? Seems worthy. P.S. How long? How many pages of script? I'm trying to write a short, just not sure how long - saw one contest where it was 40 pages or less, a friend told me never over twenty pages.

Don Riemer

Janet, many thanks! The script won a 3rd place at, and the film won 3rd place at the DVXUser Timefest a few months later. But I was just the writer. All the production credit goes to director Dan Piatt and his team. Script was originally 5 pages, but grew to about 7 after I expanded some things at Daniel's request. You might enjoy the monthly contest at There's a new theme every month, and the voting is anonymous. The participants vote on each script to pick a winner, and since you don't know whose script you're reading, it's totally honest. Lots of fun, check it out!

Janet Biery

Don, just watched the second one. So lovely - Flower Girls - great title too. Sweet, sweet thought. Thanks. Did you direct or produce either of these films, or did you just have someone request them and shoot the movies? Job well done.

Don Riemer

Janet... Nope, I'm just the writer in each case. Both scripts were discovered by their directors in the online archive, and then they contacted me to discuss production. Since I'm also a director, I was able to provide some helpful advice regarding casting, locations and other details. And thanks again!

Bruno Xavier

Loved both pieces Don, obviously the writing was great to enable the film-makers the opportunity to make some quality films. I did feel Flower girls was too long and the pacing felt too slow. I'm curious how long your script was and what your thoughts are on the pacing of the film.

Don Riemer

Bruno.... Thanks! Agreed that FG runs a bit long. Script was 5 pages. But for a student effort, this film is just remarkable. Way better than most student work, and I see a lot of it. The casting alone deserves a lot of respect. Thanks again!

Chuck Dudley

Don -- both shorts are exceptional filmmaking! Looking forward to seeing more of your work and that of your colleagues. Please keep us posted!

Roshanna S. Evans

First, welcome to the site. Interesting idea to be exploring at this time. Compliments on the clip. It may be a bit too long, and that is part of exploring how to show and not tell. Congratulations on all your credits and completions!

Lisa Duffy

Loved it! Kudos!

Don Riemer

Thanks Roshanna, Chuck, and Lisa! Much appreciated.

David Gennaro

"The Secret Life of Peptides" that's funny.... I've written on the musical "peptide" side.. we're brothers. Nice, nice work on this short. Look and sound great In and out of the multiverse .

Don Riemer

Thanks David! Do you have a demo page with some of your music? I'd love to hear it.

Mike Shiflett have a real talent...congrats...

Don Riemer

Thanks Mike! Much appreciated. Now if only I can work the same magic on my new one..... Wish me luck!

Ronald R Bush

Well done. Reminds me of Sliders. I could see a TV series here.

Don Riemer

Thanks Ron! Yes, definitely some parallels with Sliders. Interesting idea for a series.... Maybe Frank isn't truly alone at the end after all....

Ron Hepner

Don, maybe that's the slant you could evaluate. Do I hear the word TWIST. Cheers, Ron

Tabatha Visutskie

I really enjoyed it. Well done.

Don Riemer

Ron, interesting idea... but I'd want to lock myself in a cellar with this one and really focus on it, and that won't happen for a while. But I am officially removing this old script from the back burner, and moving it up to "in development." We shall see. Thanks!

Lando Jackson

Don't let Warner Bros. see it, they'll steal it!

Don Riemer

Ah, that reminds me... I have to implement my sure fire, double-secret encryption technology! ;-)

Kiki Van Dyke

Pig Latin?

David Gennaro

HI Don, Here are some links. main work Library Music Band tunes and I just scored a short "Town Red" made it into Canne !! there's lots of stuff I know.. let me know what you think. Best Brother Dave G.

Don Riemer

David.... Holy Buckets... you are one talented man. Your work is excellent, and I can see that, from your clients, a great many people agree with me. Would love to collaborate some day. I'm sneaking up on a short film project this fall, and may reach out for the post sound work. Thanks again for the info!

Ron Hepner

keep your talented juices flowing. great work.

Don Riemer

Thanks Ron! They've been flowing pretty well lately. Time will tell.

David Gennaro

Thanks Don... love to take a look !... keep me posted brother.

David Haverty

I wanna follow this thread and check out your clips. Can't watch them at work at the moment but I hope by commenting I will get updates to remind me to watch them at home tonight.

Don Riemer

Lyse, thanks so much! Again, I must give director Dan Piatt all the credit for achieving a look and feel that works so well. And I don't think I mentioned that the contest for which this film was created had a fixed time limit: Dan's team only had about 5 weeks to cast, prep, shoot, post and score the film. (Dan, is that correct?) I'm still blown away by the amazing job they did. Just remarkable. Thanks again!

Marina Tallent

Great short thriller. Loved it. Good luck to you.

Don Riemer

Thanks Marina!

James David Sullivan

Your secret is safe with me! ;-)

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