Introduce Yourself : My first post and reel review. by John Campbell-Mac

John Campbell-Mac

My first post and reel review.

My first post and reel review. hi Guys I'm new on here, I'm an actor, writer producer from London now based in LA looking to connect with like minded people. I just did a new edit of my reel and am getting some mixed reviews so figured I would put it out here and ask for brutal honest opinions, so please take a look and tell me see 1. if you think casting stay engaged and would keep watching it and 2. if it will get me in the room

Nadia Cripps

Hello, wow, so many members here! Sounds so wonderful to join! My name is Nadia and I've just joined. I'm a composer, I compose instrumental music and songs. I mainly compose for the piano and I sometimes collaborate with other musicians who add different instruments and vocals to my music or create music to my lyrics. I absolutely love composing for piano. My music is inspired by fairy tales, ballet, romantic themes. Wishing everyone a very happy and productive Spring! Nadia

Una Love

Hi John, I think you've got some great material in there. However I think the edit could definitely be sharper - CDs don't need to know the story, they just need to get your character and emotion. I'd suggest shorter clips interspersed a bit more, ideally only 8-15 seconds per clip as that's what we're used to on TV. Also, just use a caption to say the name of a film or TV clip (and ideally director) the first time it's shown. Secondly you don't have any contact or agent information on there, I'd have what you feel is your strongest clip up front (with what kind of roles you want in mind) then a nameplate with contact information, then carry on with the rest of the reel and the nameplate again at the end. Finally, wow! A BAFTA nominee actor? That needs to be on your nameplate for sure! Don't leave it until nearly the end to tell us that. It establishes credibility and is likely to make the CD want to watch. I trust that is helpful? You can cup heck out my showreel on my profile, edited by my very talented partner. Best wishes with it, Una

John Campbell-Mac

Una thanks so much for your comments, all great and very valid. Am about to do a tighter edit and will take your input into consideration. Thank you for taking the time, really great criticism really helpful thx

Stephanie Bell

Hi John! Watched your reel and enjoyed it - I assume from watching it that you are going for character actor roles? Have you thought of including part of the "a man walks into a bar" that shows your comedic abilities?

John Campbell-Mac

Stephanie that is really astute and perfect timing. I'm about to do a new edit and indeed i'm switching out the you kill me stuff for some stuff from the geek walks into the bar to move more in the character direction. Thx very much for your input

Stephanie Bell

I actually think you should keep the non-speaking aspects of Kill Me in the reel because there are some funny bits there but the Geek shows your range - are you able to do any other kinds of accents? I must admit I'm not able to differentiate that clearly between Cockney, Irish, and other areas of Great Britain although I do find the Scottish accent to be a bit easier to place! But the more range you show (and if you can do the American accent that would be great), I would recommend it. You have a versatile look so it would be great if your accents can match!! Good luck!

John Campbell-Mac

Still looking for more comments on reel guys doing new edit Thursday and wanna get brutal and cut all the fat. All input welcome what would you cut and where would you trim?

Vicheara Houn

Welcome aboard John. I am just 2 days olds. I am still learning a lot from this site. Alors, to me just by seeing your video It looks fantastic even I know I am not a minded person. Great and fascinating.

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