Introduce Yourself : My first recorded monologue! :) by Marleen Mathews

My first recorded monologue! :)

Hi guys! I'm quite new to Stage 32, still exploring it's possibilities! So I am from Holland and recently recorded my first monologue, in English! It's the end monologue out of American Beauty! I am very curious what you guys think about my acting! :D Cheers, Marleen

James Adam Tucker

Natural and believable.

Jack Ritter

Great job with this and welcome to the site!

Marleen Mathews

Thank you :D That's really nice to hear ^___^ I will start recording more monologues soon, yay!

Brian Gerson

Awesome job Marleen! And awesomely shot, very dynamic. Intense and brings you straight into the scene, and you're acting. If you get a chance check out my website, We just released our newest video, "Girlfriend Interview."

Martina Andrene Michael

Hello my name is Martina Andrene Michael and I'm 15. I've been interested in acting since I was at a very young age. I've written , directed and even starred in my own plays.Maybe we can meet up some time and work on stuff . xx

Karl Heyliger

I love the feeling, the way you connect your facial features to your words, the tears, and the rhythm.

Robert D Womack

I cried with are good, really.

Jesse Torres

wow, your eyes made me really feel it. If your ever in America and want to be in a film, let me know! :)

Chanel Ashley

Marleen, how can I disagree with all the above comments, you were very good, I was very impressed, I see a future for you.

Marleen Mathews

Omg! Thank you for all the great comments :')) I feel so fathered. It really means a great deal to me to hear this from other people in the film industry, people who know how hard acting in front of a camera really is. I'm so happy it touched you guys and that I did my work as an actress well! I'm really excited what you will think of the other monologue I'll record real soon, The fuck monologue from the 25th hour! Do any of you maybe have suggestions of great monologues (film/theater) that I could look in to? Maybe something lighter so I can show some different colors :) Let me know, I'm very curious what you would like to see me play! Thanks again!!

Chanel Ashley

I see you were involved in The Entertainment Experience Project with Paul Verhoeven, wow, he is one of my favourite directors, love, LOVE, Basic Instinct - I even like showgirls, lol - did you have much/any contact with him?

Chanel Ashley

Forgot to mention, I prefer your name as Marleen Maathuis, very strong name.

Marleen Mathews

Hi Chanel! Aw, thanks :D That's nice to hear! We did have some contact. It was a very big and hectic (experimental) film project. The project was divided in teams and he guided and directed us! It was a lot of fun :) I believe they are also working on a version of the project in Asia!

Shaun O'Banion

Well done!

Tonny Mathebula

ive got no words for this Monologue, it touched my soul, some tears in my eyes, the truth it resembles. the pain it has. i love it, can need to see more

Chanel Ashley

You're on a roll, Marleen, deservedly so.

King Roozie

Great acting job

Sean Patrowich


Carlin Comm

Very nicely done ;)

Stanford Wheeler Crane Jr.

you have talent

Ruthie Jesseman


Jonny Lumbley

Phenomenal! Wow....finally! Now here's someone that's not just a waitress/bartender that's posing as an actress/actor. This is a beautiful example, and the first that I've seen in a very long time outside of the already well known actors I work with (and even up next to some of them), of someone just leaping out and going for it, to such a degree that as they emerge from that leap they fully find truth in that moment. That truth is then made a reality for us as we watch them live in it, as we all did right here! Next time someone throws their uninspiring reel in front of me, asking my opinion, I would simply like to show them this and then ask them how they think their reel is...their question will immediately be answered! If I have the opportunity of working with you one day it will truly be an honor and a privilege! You're a director's dream come true and I'm definitely going to actively pursue trying to cast you! Please add me, stay in touch and if you need any help definitely let me know! This has just made my day, so much so that I had to step away from everything just to post this comment! I look forward to following your success because there should definitely be a lot!

Marc Durso

Congrats on your immediate access to your emotional wealth. This is a great gift and a fundamental skill for success as a performing artist, especially in Film/TV. Congrats on the very mature technical relaxation you have in front of the camera in the close up. You were open, vulnerable. The audience could trust you. Congrats on your 4th Side Imagery, which allows you to connect to your Inner Life, which draws the audience into your experience. Also, congrats on the fleeting moments of opposite actions, i.e., the laughter through the tears, which create surprise and interest to the audience who are being told by the overwhelming emotional expression that this is 'tragic'. But consider that Stanislavski's thesis, "Actions with Thought is Behavior", means with each new Thought/Image there is a new action creating a new behavior. Emotion is Behavior, experienced and expressed through the body, so if the Thoughts change then the Behavior changes. If it's all 'sad', we get it, and the audience is ahead of you, waiting for your expression to change, rather than trying to catch the next unknown surprise in behavior. Michael Shurtleff , Casting Director/Author: AUDITION, said, "Every actor has their first choice, but the opposite is not only possible it's more interesting" so consider the possibility if your actions are "to grieve, to mourn, to report, to explain, to weight, to consider" of finding their opposites, fully, "to celebrate, to praise, to mock, to judge", and thus revealing the ever changing emotions specific to those changing actions. Remember, there's no such thing as a monologue, it's a relationship at its core, you are 'relating' info and an experience to someone. Who are they? What are their behaviors? Are they listening? Do they care? Do they support or scoff, invite or repel, agree or dismiss, affirm or doubt? If they are not changing, if the receiver isn't reacting to you, then how can you react? Make the 'Other' come alive in your 'relating/relationship' so that there is still a struggle to 'make known', to 'be heard', to 'reveal', to 'get acceptance/understanding' and ultimately, as in all great work, TO WIN! You must be fighting for something. You may eventually surrender (an opposite) but the fight must continue or the audience concludes, before the actor/character is done, that the fight is over, and the audience emotionally detaches. I send all this to you in good faith as this is my work, as an international acting coach for TV/Film/Broadway. I see great things on your creative horizon. There is integrity and honesty in your work and that's the highest standard of Art. Congrats. I have enclosed bio info on my work: (ActTrue is the authorized Hagen Acting Process Teacher. ActTrue Actors star on: -Primetime TV: TEEN SPIRIT/ABC, MAKE IT OR BREAK IT/ABC, COLDCASE/CBS, CASTLE/ABC, THE CLOSER/TNT, THE MENTALIST/CBS, SHARKNADO/SYFY Channel -Teen sitcoms: HANNAH MONTANA/Disney, ZOEY 101/Nickelodeon, WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE/Disney, VICTORIOUS/Nickelodeon, GRACHI/Nickelodeon LatinoAmerica -American and Latin soaps: ALL MY CHILDREN/ABC, BELINDA/TVAzteca, PASSIONS/NBC, PERRO AMOR/Telemundo, DONDE ESTA ELISA?/Telemundo, UNA MAID EN MANHATTAN/Telemundo, CORAZON APASIONADO/Venevision, RELACIONES PELEGROSAS/Telemundo -Reality shows: THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI/Bravo, BROOKE KNOWS BEST/VH1, -Broadway: WEST SIDE STORY, AIDA, JOSEPHINE, JEKYLL AND HYDE -Indie films, national commercials: KFC, HEINEKEN, MAYBELLINE -MIAMI DOLPHIN/NFL stars, EU Executives, Motivational speakers, Pop/R&B recording artists, Sandals Resorts Models running in the ocean waves all train with ActTrue. Head of Acting Program: Broadway Theatre Project-2013, 2014 “The World’s Most Prestigious Musical Theatre Arts Education Program For High School and College Students.” - PLAYBILL MAGAZINE Head of Acting Program: Ojai Film Festival-Los Angeles, 2010-2013 ActTrue has taught Film/TV acting technique in Los Angeles as Head of the Acting Department at the Ojai Film Festival and Moderating the ACTORS PANEL with Hollywood TV stars Christopher McDonald (HARRY'S LAW, BOARDWALK EMPIRE), Brett Cullen (DARK KNIGHT RISES, PERSON OF INTEREST), Bonnie Bedelia and Mae Whitman (PARENTHOOD), Cassie Scerbo (SHARKNADO/SyFy, MAKE IT OR BREAK IT/ABC), Paul Blackthorne (ARROW), Lesley Nichol (DOWNTON ABBEY), Oscar nominee Shirley Knight and James Morrison (REVENGE, 24) BTP with Broadway artists Ben Vereen (PIPPIN), Donna McKechnie (CHORUS LINE), Austin Pendleton, Mandy Gonzalez (WICKED) ACTTRUE has co-taught with top Hollywood Casting directors in Los Angeles, working side by side in intensive workshops that tested actors' abilities to take 'the moment', 'make' the moment that captures the CD's attention and interest in working with you, hiring you. Co-teacher w/: Margie Haber/Backstage Magazine's Top Hollywood acting coach Paul Weber/MGM Head of Casting Valorie Massalas/THE CLIENT LIST-Lifetime Channel Casting director Carol Goldwasser/HANNAH MONTANA, AUSTIN & ALLY, DOG WITH A BLOG, Disney Casting director National ActTrue workshops: Los Angeles- Ojai Film Festival The Meisner Center The Bitter Truth Theatre New York- Manhattan Theatre Club Atlanta- Big Break Hollywood)

Janet Biery

Beautiful job and you are a beautiful girl. Hoping all the best in your future. This site is definitely the best place to be seen.

Kay Shelton

Very impressive. Wishing you the best!

Art Thomas

Very nice! If ever you wish to collaborate on a project, contact us at:

Desi Singh

I'm not going to try and break down your performance. It was simply put, wonderfully acted, and full of nuance! I had to strongly resist the temptation to cry along with you! Fantastic job! I'm sure I'll be seeing you on the big screen very soon. Any director would be lucky to have you in their film. I hope to work with you someday soon. Keep up the great work! I'll send you a network request. Wishing you great success in your career!

Philip Rose

very good read. I will look for more examples from you

Taya Mathias

Great job!

Marleen Mathews

I'm speechless, thank you all so much for the wonderful commentary and the great tips. I will cherish each and everyone of them and put them to use to become an even better actress! All of your kind words will really help me to push through when I move to London this January. It scares the hell out of me, a new unknown place, so many other great actors and it makes me doubt how I will ever be able to stand out or even if I have a chance of making it. Thank you all, so much! People tell me how hard it is out there and that I probably wont stand a chance, or even have a chance of finding a good agent to help me in my career. That is something I would like to ask you guys, if you have any tips on how I could find myself a suitable agent in London. Any tips or help to face my new adventure is very, very welcome. Thank again all of you, you have just made me a little less frightened! :) <3

Desi Singh

There will always be negative people telling you how impossible things are. Some who don't wish you well or to succeed, planting the seeds of doubt in your mind, and those wishing you well, but who are fearful for your well being. The thing is, follow your heart. Your dream is always going to be YOUR dream only and not theirs, so it's up to you to decide what's best for you. Believe in yourself and others will believe in you.

Marleen Mathews

Thank you Desi, thank you for these empowering words! :)

Desi Singh

You're very welcome!

William Vines

Wonderful !!!

James David Sullivan

"Don't sit under the maple tree with anyone else but me..."

Bill Morales

well done; you convinced me...

Mark A. Bates

well done.

Karla von Huben

Good job! I especially like the fact that you took your time with it. Too many nervous actors rush through a speech; you gave us an in-depth look at his death.

Farrell Winter

Still exploring "it is" possibilities?

K Kalyanaraman

Good work! You took your time, to spread out your emoting and dialogue delivery skills. However, I imagine this is a very specific piece. You cannot be like this throughout a movie, and will have to display other "speeds" and emotions too. :-)

Marleen Mathews

Thank you! that's very true that when portraying a role in a film the actor can not be like this through out the whole movie, this is just a brief moment out of the film, and not the way Kevin Spacey did it. He had different imagery in his head to get to the emotions needed when he did the wonderful monologue. Playing and carrying out a complete role is very different from playing a monologue. :)

Jeff Watkins

Show Reel material this is.

David James

Excellent. After a min I stopped watching and listened only and found you did a very good job of keeping the tempo and pace engaging. you have a very nice quality and timber to your accent and voice which draws the listener in.

Yener Ozer

Loveeeed ittt... I'm a bit jelaous. Wonderful connection. A++

J.D. Wright

Jealous, I wouldn't say jealous. Would say envious of anyone who gets to spend time with a mind so imaginative, so engaging. You are an incredible talent Miss! So beautiful in levels which MY words can't express. Bow to thee with certainty and admiration. Am not a professional theatrical person. I am a person who seen every word spoken, thank you for the gift of the monologue.

Rod Thompson

Hi Marleen, in brief, you "nailed it"! With a raw -you only head on video, producing all kinds of emotions via your eyes, believable tears, facial expressions, tone(s) of voice, and pacing of your monologue -all seeming natural = seems like a real person not an actress! I was personally touched by and experienced many emotions not only in you, but in my life as well as I watched, observed, and felt your character's life! -Thank you -- chin up, cheer up, because if you keep producing this kind of work, all you need is a little time and the right person(s) for you to get in front of for an audition (or even a Skype or video clip audition) and you should do very well in your craft! -Rod

Marleen Mathews

Thank you all for watching and all these kind words. I'm really amazed, it's such a releave to finally be able to show what I am capable of as an actress. And I can do better, and will, in the future! All your comments really convinced me! :D I'll soon have a new monologue recorded and I'm excited to show it to you guys!! Thanks!! <3 I hope I'll make it, one day!

Karla von Huben

I'm looking forward to your next monologue. You'll make it IF you have the drive to keep going, no matter what. Sometimes it takes a while to figure out you don't have the "fire in the belly" that allows you to sacrifice everything for your career--and you have to put it first, ahead of family, friends, relationships, security, etc., if you're going to succeed. At least at first. When people are offering you jobs, it's different. Then we can say we knew you when you were just starting out. :D

Frazer Houston

Hi Marleenn my name is Frazer Houston. I am new to this, I have made a website for, 'Clover Lane', (

Frazer Houston

Brilliant Marleen, add Ave Maria to it and it will be amazing

David Navarro

Very nice. I look forward to seeing a lot more from you.

Michael Owen

This was very good. I like that you felt all of the highs and lows and the "likening" smile at the end to show the compassion of the character. Nice work!

Marleen Mathews

Thank you all so much, this really motivates me to record more monologues! If you can tip me on any great monologue, let me know! I would really like to do more of them!

Karla von Huben

If you feel like it, why not tackle something from Shakespeare? It can be tough to find a good woman's speech in the plays--they all seem to have gone to the men--but Lady Macbeth has a great one: "Come, you spirits that tend on mortal thoughts . . . " It's a huge challenge: not only do you have to understand what the words mean, you have to deliver it so that we know what you're talking about as well. Then, of course, you have to invest the character with the same emotional depth you did here. Just a suggestion, since Shakespeare's still my favorite playwright. Full disclosure: I'm OLD, so the plays I like are not the ones being performed today. I will go see Shakespeare at the drop of a hat, but I have never seen "Rent" or "Wicked" or whatever is on right now. I like the classics. Hey, how about Medea? Now THERE's a powerful female character. A monster, true, but unforgettable. :D

Paulina Lagudi

i love the way you shot this.

Dev Sagoo

omg what a fantastic mono. love it. it's great to see u were in control of it it all. The tears dropping down were touching. the light reflecting the tears tears, travelling was awesome to see. what was most great? that u did not wipe them, as it's natural pple will wipe them, for me to see tear's didn't hinder thy delivery? was an awesome control of an actress. I'm a writer, producer & director from near London. I'd be delighted to write a monologue for u! I notice that someone suggested Shakespeare monologue? Monologue of Ophelia would be good. I love Shakespeare and am about to direct abridged version of Romeo & Juliette.

Mark Andrew Powell

Marleen, awesome. I'm most impressed. Contact me as I would like to cast you in my upcoming Spy Thriller.

J.D. Wright

Wow again! I am not a professional. Am a aerial video drone pilot. Your beautiful, brilliant and amazed me. I think you will be a famous actress. Please respond so I can say I spoke to you before you were a star. I do know an amazing director who is known in movies. Message me and I will give you his contact information. He is a honest, good man and incredibly talented.

David Karner

Your acting is very good. I'd love to see you in short scene with another actor.

Marleen Mathews

I have recently recorded a short scene with an actor, it's from a feature film I played a part in. It think it will be really good. When it's available online, I will post it as well so you can see it! Thank you all again! :D I feel so honored with all your wonderful comments!! ^___^

B Lee

I watched the monologue and hope to see more. I was really taken by the performance.

David Dinning

very good

Tim Alan- Pres./CEO Third Day Entertainment, Inc.

Very Well Done ;) Excellent!!!

Marleen Mathews

I will surely record more monologues, maybe some shorter ones, too! Thank again, everyone, for watching and leaving a comment! :D

Steve Gums

Impressive! Very well done.

Tanya Salinder Kaur

Wow that was very memorising! You have such a powerful presence and there aren't many actors and actresses out there who I can commend for authentic crying but you achieved it perfectly! Please please keep sharing your work with us on Stage32, I look forward to seeing more and I know you will go very far in your acting career! All the best Tanya

Marleen Mathews

Thank you so much! Thank you Tanya, that's so great to hear. I will be uploading more, I have recorded a new monologue yesterday, hope it will be as good as this one and that you guys will like it as well! It'll be edited a bit now and then I'll be able to show it to you guys! :D Very excited!!

Carlin Comm

Looking forward to seeing the new one. Be sure to post a link here so we don't miss it :)

Kyron Hodges


Shedrick Cortez-Stokes

Good delivery Tanya...:)

Donna S McCoy

Very talented and good transition between emotions.

Ian Francis Smith

Acting and emotions are too good for the writing maybe? Made me conscious that I was watching a screenplay. Really impressive facial expressions and connection with the viewer. I feel like you need better dialogue to put all that into

Marleen Mathews

Thanks everyone!:D Thank you for all the tips aswell! Ian, do you maybe have some suggestions for dialogs you think might be more suiting for me? I'm curious what you come up with! :D I'm eager to show more of what I have in me!

Ian Francis Smith

Something less poetic, less artistic maybe. Shoot a scene of a woman getting a phone call w devastating news /loss in the family. She can fall apart and leave the phone on the table. You could even have a scene partner actually call you, record their dialog and drop it in the mix. Perhaps start the conversation as you would any, and show the transformation from dry to emotionally confused&explosive, denial , then withdrawn.

Marc Durso

LAUGHING WILD by Christopher Durang, MUCH ADO.../Beatrice, WHERE'S MY MONEY by Shanley/Celeste and Natalie, FOUR DOGS AND BONE by Shanley/Brenda. Remember Stanislavski's principle: Action with Thought is Behavior. So you must take 'action' to reveal, to create behavior. Emotional states, i.e., happy, sad, angry, sarcastic, shocked, hollow, puzzled, etc, are a product of Thoughts in Action, they are the 'result' and you can't play a result without being ahead of the action/reaction, without being false. Fill yourself with the psychological triggers (Thoughts) that compel you, propel you into active behavior. Behavior is internal experience outwardly expressed. Style is external mannerism imposed outwardly.

Pedro Chaves

mooi gedaan!

Marleen Mathews

Thank you Ian and Marc, for these great suggestions! I can try them out when I'll record a new monologue! :D

Boomer Murrhee

Fantastic job Marleen. I believe you will go far. Best to you. I am in the early stages of developing a dystopian dark comedy, will keep you in mind. I wish you much success.

Joe Becker

very nice. the camera is good to you. it is natural and believable. it doesn't matter what you're saying. watching this with the sound off is impressive. well done.

Joe Becker

I have a suggestion - don't just do monologues. get a couple of actors and write a couple scenes. act them out with the other actors. have someone film it for you. that way casting directors can see how you interact with other actors.

Kate Danaher

Wow! Beautifully done!!!!!!!

Kelly Miller

Wow. That was incredible. Kudos, my friend. You made me FEEL...!!!

Mahmod Seyam

Wow I like it

Justice Cole Elias


Rod Thompson

I agree Elias, say I just sent a network request... -Rod Thompson

Vincent Lee Alston

This is Great work Marleen. We have a project we're developing for next year. I'd like to exchange info - maybe you can audition for us then.

Colleen Irene Boag

Thanks for sharing this, brave of you to put yourself out there, but then again, I guess that's what we actors do ;)

Marleen Mathews

Thank you all for these kind words! Wow! :D yay! I will certainly record scenes with other actors, tho in Holland most of them don't speak/are not comfrotable speaking English. So I will start doing this when I'm in London, so if you're an actor living in London and would like to play/record a scene with me, let roll! :D And it sure if what actors do, taking leaps of faith, jumping in the deep end :D You have to keep challenging yourself, always!

Tanya Salinder Kaur

It's great to hear you want to move to establish yourself as an actress here in London! :) We look forward to welcoming you. I run a website designed to connect artists across all creative disciplines, please have a look and follow on social media ( I also intend to have face-to-face networking events for artists as I know there's loads of people who need support and there's always people willing to give it (including me). Keep us updated when you come to London and hopefully we can offer you support and networking opportunities. :D

Karla von Huben

Tanya: I love what you're doing--what a fantastic idea.

Joe Becker

with an attitude like that, you're not going to have a problem making it. I hope we get to work together some day

Marleen Mathews

Thank you all for the great comments and the amazing tips! :D I am so happy everyone is so kind and helpful! This really is a great online community! ^__^ Happy to be a part of it!

Adam Revesz

Well done!

Frazer Houston


Judi Hinds

Love it <3

James Michael Tweedie

Nicely Done! It's funny I had to pick a monologue for class and it was between that one and Jack Lendall's speech from we are Marshall. The American Beauty one brought tears to my eyes so I decided to go with the other. You nailed it! Keep up the great work.

LindaAnn Loschiavo

Very nice! Good luck to you!!

Marleen Mathews

James, that is so great to hear! :D I am flattered! Thank you all!! :D

Art Hindle

Excellent ! Very powerful acting ...and that fact that English is your 2nd language makes it all the more amazing...very impressive, Marleen...Onward & Upward ! Happy Trails ! Art

Marleen Mathews

Awww thank you Selina and Art! :D I am so happy to hear this! I will keep fighting and keep improving as much as I can! ^__^ All your kind words give me hope and presistance! So I wont give up!!

Maurice Zondag

That was beatiful. Well done.

Frazer Houston

You are doing great Marleen

Marleen Mathews

It sure can Selina! I'm not getting that many chances as an actress out here in Holland. They don't see my potential and drive, I guess. that is why i am so happy to get all these great comments, because I started doubting myself. It's so uplifting and motivating to hear from people in the film industry, like you guys, that you like my monologue! <3

Rod Thompson

Hey Ladies, I see Selina's remark (Great), and your 1st statement again....& I simplify, but "Holland" is only one letter-count short of "Hollywood" ! So look at this way. Center down & focus on what you know in your heart to do; figure out the essentials of: subsistence finances; acting business finances too; friends & contacts (which you're already getting from Stge 32, Facebook, etc.; travel plans, living expenses- & if you need more $$$ in USA, consider if you have any job skills & needs...then make solid plans for same..even applying for work before you come across the pond.? Just suggestions. Also dont come over too early or too late. Best of luck to you! But you must rule your own mind, heart, and plans...but seek advice, but only take what you know is going to be safe, good for your career, and not cause you excessive stress and disappointment. You can do it girl.

Vincent Lee Alston

Good advise Rod.

Pedro Chaves

also there are other places than Hollywood. London for instance. Just saying.

Paulo Bethencourt

Very powerful, Marleen...

Ryan D. Canty

Amazing, Marleen!

James David Sullivan

"And the award goes to...."

Niket Narendra

Your good. Really good

Marleen Mathews

Thank you for your advice Rod! I'd love to go to NY or LA one day, to study at one of the acting studios out there. But first, like Pedro suggested, I'm moving to London this January. I'll first take a smaller step, closer to home, to really prepare myself to take the bigger step (America) within a few years from now! :)

Cristian Parras

Good work!

LindaAnn Loschiavo

Marleen, the restaurants are better in New York City. Just sayin' . . . Happy travels!

Marleen Mathews

Thanks you guys! Hahaha, I'm not just moving away from Holland for the restaurants ;) I'm moving away to learn to cook. :P Both London en New York have good courses and schooling opportunities in acting :) NY will be the next step!!

William Vines

Way to go!!!

Marc Durso

RADA, LAMDA, AMDA, AADA, Circle in the Square, T. Schreiber, William Esper, HB Studio (my ol' school), Strasberg Inst., Adler, and more.

Brenda Iovino

Good job.

Brandon de Vito

That must feel great! Way to get yourself out there!

Marleen Mathews

Hi everyone! For the past month I've been working really hard on getting my new showreel together! You cab watch it here! Hope you like it, let me know what you think!!! :D Cheers!

Carlin Comm

Wow, that is an amazing, powerful showreel! Very nicely done! I wish you much success! You definitely have the presence and talent :)

Nicholas Jordan

Re: «monologue» ( here ) with a very-few things that can be fixed on any production — your work here tells any team you can deliver deep driving presence ---- I have your reel posted to my team at and would like for you to message me ▬ not to get the hopes up but if we could interest some Venture Capital you could support what I hope to get for lead This is not to overly-encourage as I loathe getting people's hopes up - yet what you present is strong-screen-presence which is what I want on my finished product.

James Michael Tweedie

Great job Marleen! Love the layout of your demo reel. Thanks for sharing. Since you're looking for a lighter monologue I would recommend the site and find one that makes you laugh just reading it. Then you can make it your own. Cheers!

Brenda Iovino

Excellent work. You can be proud of yourself. Ciao

Joseph Miuccio


Andrew Panek

I enjoyed watching you bring out your inner emotions out.It isn't easy to do that.Great work.

Kenneth David Swenson

Bravo...I know your first hurtle was with the language...but you were able to convey genuine, deep, and profound emotion...which is not easy at all to be able to do...and you made me cry with you as well....

Mehernosh Kapadia

Good get in touch

Rama Krishna

hi, good performance. i appreciate.

Marleen Mathews

Hi everyone! I haven't been on much, but here is my latest showreel. I want to use it to find and agent, so if you have any tips and tricks for that, please leave a comment! Let me know what you guys think of it! Thank you so much!

Carlin Comm

Hi Marleen! The reel looks awesome! Best Wishes in your career!

Marleen Mathews

Thank you so much Carlin! Do you think the length of my reel is alright?

Carlin Comm

Hi Marleen, yes, I think the length is good. People in the business are busy, and probably won't spend more than a few minutes watching it, and you did link to your website, where you could have longer clips. One thought though, maybe at the end of the video, you could include more contact info, in case the video is reposted somewhere else. The very end of the video, the info that is there is pretty small, and it only stays on for a couple of seconds. I'd add a link to your own website there, make the text bigger, and hold it for at least 10 seconds. And yes, when I write something interesting and can afford to hire a beautiful actress, you'll be the first to know :)

Andrew Cavett

Very good job. I like the lighting too

Carl O. Helvie, R.N., Dr.P.H.

Beautiful, Marleen. I enjoyed it-believable and intense emotion. I look forward to more of your work.

Jackie Kirkpatrick

Beautiful. You let the emotion of the scene show brilliantly.

Pj Suttle

Très bien!

Ronnie ShantzRobinson

What's to say, illicited a response from me, the viewer. Nothing else matters. Kudo's.

Marleen Mathews

Hi guys! Hope you all are well! I have just build my own home studio, so i am going to record some new monologues soon. Do you guys have any suggestions for cool monologues I can record?? Thanks! Have a lovely day!

Carlin Comm

Congratulations on building your home studio! It would be interesting to see what a talented lady could do with this, Al Pachino's locker room speech from Any Given Sunday (An American foot ball movie) If I think of any more I'll post them. And as always, Have Fun :)

Kenneth David Swenson

Any of the longer speeches from "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington" again an American movie and somewhat a stretch since it was done by James Stewart

Chanel Ashley

Food for thought, Marleen, do you need any more monologues? You have established yourself on this site, everyone agrees your current reel/work is excellent work - great you have built a home studio, but I thought you were going to London? - just asking, surprised you haven't been snapped-up by filmmakers already - you are very talented, just thought you might explore another avenue rather than a monologue, cheers.

Vincent Lee Alston

I agree with Chanel, unless you're looking to do theater, I don't think you need any monologues. I think you're ready for the next level. Do you write? I'd suggest that you just keep auditioning and if you can create your own projects all the better. I'm filming this summer, if you were closer I'd certainly have you audition. You've got the "goods". Believe it. Act on it and eventually the universe will bend in your direction!

Seth Greenwood

I love where you are going with it. I think you are ready for the big leagues.

William G Chandler Jr

You could be a strong female supporting, or protagonist, but could you live with being written as a heartfelt villain?

Mikael Roth

You are really talented, I watched the whole thing and your showreel, you have potential for great things :)

Rich James

I would have to agree with the other comments here: a terrific performance.

James David Sullivan


Art Hindle

Your demos just keep getting better...! obviously you are working at your craft and being paid ( I assume) looking forward to when you get to UK...should be many more opportunities have the talent & drive...just need a bit of luck...keep sending the good vibes out into the Universe...

Jack Kenna

nice work, love the accent. Merry Christmas.

Joshua Martinez

very well done! So sincere and poignant

Jacob James Henry

Really touching and powerful performance, Marleen. Keep up the great work.

William G Chandler Jr

Fantastic work!

Ron Schwab

Wow! Brilliant.

Shaun O'Banion

Really great. Well done!

Steven Pock

Wow! Wonderful!

Kirk Johnson

Hi Marlene, great job with that piece. We're looking for voice actors for several audio productions. Intergalactic Space Rangers (action adventure), Doorways and Dimensions(Tales of the bizarre), WTF Radio(Where’s the funny) a series of short skits, basically a mish mash between Saturday Night Live and Monty python as well as a Doctor audio play. You can take a peek at

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