Introduce Yourself : My name is Aaron Allen, owner/founder/filmmaker of Extreme Christian Entertainment.... by Aaron Allen

Aaron Allen

My name is Aaron Allen, owner/founder/filmmaker of Extreme Christian Entertainment....

a Christian movie production company that produces Christian movies that share Christ while covering serious real life issues for example in our completed film FOSTER HOME, we cover issues of abuse, rape, self harm, prostitution, and being left for dead. In an upcoming project we cover heroin/drug addiction, kidnapping, over protective parenting, neglect etc. Our movies bring something we all have seen in the news or in life, and has characters we can relate to for our self or people we know or have met. Would like to meet like minded people on these matters and interested in Christian movies. Thank you.

Charice N. Long

Hi Aaron! I have done work in the Christian film genre (BLESSED and CURSED) and will continue to (with original material). Where are you located? What is your forte?

Aaron Allen

Southwest Ohio

Dawn Murrell

Hi Aaron! I would love to talk to you about your work! Christian movies are so important now and I would love to contribute!

Jorge J Prieto

Love what you're doing, Aaron. We filmmaker, have a big responsibility and that's to give a voice, to issues that affect our society and hopefully create consciousness in the hearts and minds of our audience. Welcome to Stage 32, sir.

Bryan Atkinson

Hi Aaron, your post is a breath of fresh air. We need filmmakers to make these kinds of movies. I have worked in the faith film world for a number of years as a film composer. The most recent project was a romantic comedy feature film by CrystalCreekMedia called "Rather to be Chosen." This encouraging film is slated for debut next year. Keep up the great work! I would love to know more about what you do. Feel free to visit my website at Blessings,

Art Thomas

Hello Aaron: It is nice to meet you. I look forward to learning more about your activities.

Bryan Atkinson

Do you have have a website we can follow, Aaron?

Lauren McKean

Hey Aaron would love to hear more about any upcoming projects you may have. I'd love to see and be part of quality Christian films that tackle real life problems.

Sarah Schulz

Ooh, interesting. As a writer and a Christian myself, I love seeing people writing realistic stories that don't shy away from the darkness.

Maxwell Highsmith

Hey Aaron, thank you for reaching out. Hope I get chance to work with you soon. Your projects sound exciting and right up my alley.

J Medina

Aaron, your post was music to my ears! I've written a faith-based comedy that's gotten some accolades, but is considered too religious for the so-called "mainstream" and not religious enough for faith-based film companies. I would love to have you guys take a look at it. Regardless, good luck, God bless and welcome!

Aaron Allen

Look me up on Facebook please.. Aaron Allen.

Lisa Joseph


Ashley Moore

many blessings Aaron on your project.

Padma Narayanaswamy

I am Padma Narayanaswamy and I write crossover feature scripts.I have completed a few scripts viz A RACE TO THE SENATOR,MY INDIAN SISTER, HUMAN BONDING &A GORI IN BOLLYWOOD. I read the present trend in Hollywood is women centric . My scripts aptly fit into this category. My scripts are both entertaining and wholesome. Though my scripts are not Christian Based they are issue based and deal manly with social issues like rape immigration and so on.I look forward to hear from you and thanks

Maxwell Highsmith

Hi Aaron, Max Highsmith here. Stage 32 just proved why it exists. It exists bc ppl like you and I go have a platform to discuss ideas and use our Faith towards our projects. Thanks for being bold enough to intro yourself as a Christian Film Maker. I'm a Christian Actor/Artist. Hope we can discuss things sometimes. By the way, what do you think is the best movie of Faith and why? Also what is best non-Faith movie and why? Let's chat. Maybe even Skype! Be blessed and stay blessed.

Aaron Allen

Thanks everyone. Maxwell, My favorite Faith film would be GOD'S NOT DEAD and soon its sequel. Plus WAR ROOM is very great. As for Non Faith film... well I find you can find faith in all movies in someway.

Jorge J Prieto

Fireproof, was a great faith film. I always incorporate faith/ hope / purpose / unconditional love / all faith philosophical mindsets, in all my screenplays.

Charice N. Long

I concur Maxwell. Aaron, your truth and passion is what is needed and is breath of fresh air. I am with Jorge in that my faith is the backbone of my screenplays and art in general. We must keep the conversation going.

Jorge J Prieto

Yes!! Thanks, Charice.

Bruce L. Stanton

Hi Aaron, Nice to meet you.

Tammy Wheeler

Very excited to meet all these new brothers and sisters in Christ. We definately need faith based folks in this industry. I have been praying about being in the path for better projects to work on.

Rachel Walker

Hi Aaron! If there are any of my songs you would like to use that would pertain to your work , please do! I have a catalogue under Frost Creek Records. !

Aaron Allen

Thank you. Yes, and from the thoughts of the Christian movie industry we will be what is needed in the industry today and all time. Message me if you would be interested in helping us move forward. Thank you.

Maxwell Highsmith

Hey Aaron! I'm so glad that there's someone else that is willing to go there! We need to talk. I would like to help your efforts and pass off a story that is write up your alley!

Shakeerah Mcpherson

Hello I am looking for some great Christian content to be a part of a new network my partners and I have created. We are looking to launch it very soon. If you produce these films, tv series, etc. Please connect with me.. Im also looking for positive programming too like family tv shows, comedy's etc. Lets connect!!!

Rachel Walker

Hi Shakeerah! I have tons of songs if you need :-) You can see them at my website If I can assist you in any way, let me know! truly Rachel :-)

Zachary John

If you would like feedback on your work, let me know. I liked Hardflip(2012) because of skateboarding, and the christian message but the way they introduced Jesus into the guys life was kinda corny (or maybe the acting was bad, or both) an therefore it may not seem convincing to others. In pre-production, I suggest you build a small group of people for critique - both online, and offline.

Aaron Allen

Zachary John, please email me

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