Introduce Yourself : My name is Lacy Siefkin by Lacy Siefkin

Lacy Siefkin

My name is Lacy Siefkin

Basically done with school and just want to get my foot in the door. I'm 26 and have been working since I was 15. Didn't really know what I wanted to do with my life but I knew I loved films. I'm a huge Mel Brooks fan, and my favorite director is David Fincher. I love speaking in movie quotes especially when it comes to Mel. I currently in Kansas and just waiting to find that tornado that'll take me to my Oz, so to speak. I want to travel and see the magic behind the movie curtain. I love anything that involves working with a camera, it's one way to show people what you see. I'm also a video editor and enjoy putting stories together. I did enjoy my time as floor director on my student news program, just being on set makes me happy. My goal is just to be in the credits one day.

Nicholas J Benson


Lord Graham C Jones

Welcome Lacy

Matthew Jason Walsh

Nice to meet you!

Jorge J Prieto

Welcome to the Stage 32 family, Lacy. Congrats you are ahead of the game with so much hands on experience. Best to you. Here for you. Cheers from NYC.

Lacy Siefkin

Thank you everyone for welcoming me, I'm happy I've joined stage 32.

Deenur E Gill

Welcome. If you re not on linkedin, create a profile there too. Its really helpful.

Lacy Siefkin

Thanks I do have a LinkedIn profile

Debbie Croysdale

Hi Lacy great you on board. Who's the Gimp? LOL.

Jorge J Prieto

Lacy, when you're here, you are family. We have fights, just like families. Lol. Don't worry no one gets physical or anything.

Lacy Siefkin

Good to know I'm not much of a boxer lol just playing. But I do hope not to get into any fights.

Marc Anthony Greenland

Hi Lacy and welcome.

Mariano Gemignani

Welcome Lacy! Absolutely agree with you on Fincher. Looking forward to discuss things with you !

William E. Spear

Lacy - Hello and greetings. William

Brad Rushing

Hi Lacy - The tornado you are hoping for comes from you generating those winds and momentum yourself. Likewise seeing your name in the credits. Popular culture and movies do a disservice to aspiring filmmakers by making the path to success appear much shorter and easier than it really is. Establishing and maintaining a career as a filmmaker requires, commitment, dedication, perseverance, and cleverness well in excess of most careers you might think of. The competition is fierce and the hours can be brutal. And I don't just mean hours on set. You have to invest many more hours in networking and branding yourself, time which is not directly compensated. Success is also highly dependent on being around the right people in the right place at the right time. And only you can put yourself in that place. If you love the dream of being a working filmmaker and are crazy passionate enough about it to invest the long hours of hard work send me an email. I have mentored many young filmmakers over the years and to start you off I have a list of links and resources which will be very valuable to enlighten and inform you on what it will take and how you can get started. Wishing You Well, Brad Rushing

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