Introduce Yourself : My new film - INIQUITY by Joey Lanai

Joey Lanai

My new film - INIQUITY

Hi Everyone! My new short film/dramatic thriller (26 minutes) called, INIQUITY is just hitting festivals! We have a website: The goal is for the short film to support the PUSH, PRODUCTION, SALE of the feature length screenplay of the same name. I'D LOVE TO GET YOUR FEEDBACK/THOUGHTS on the TRAILER, WEBSITE, CONCEPT, LOGLINE or anything else you have to offer. I am currently unrepresented in any capacity as a writer/director/actor. I have uploaded the trailer to my Stage 32 profile page as well. I'm looking for like minded folks who are tired of floating in the current and want to make a deliberate swim toward completing projects and making a living in this craft. Pleasure to meet you ALL.

INIQUITY: The Official Movie (film) - Isodrenaline Films
INIQUITY: The Official Movie (film) - Isodrenaline Films
Iniquity By Isodrenaline Films - In This Epic Thriller Written & Directed By Joey Lanai. A Traveling Salesman Seeks Therapy, The Demons Of His Fractured Childhood Are Examined By An Overly Ambitious I…

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