Introduce Yourself : **NBCUniversal** bought my TV series Natural Born Worrier on the back of this TEASER by Clare Kilner

Clare Kilner

**NBCUniversal** bought my TV series Natural Born Worrier on the back of this TEASER

Starring Ashley Jensen from Extras

Heath Vinyard

That's awesome! Congratulations!!! :)

Geoff Foley


Clare Kilner

Thanks Heath and Geoff. It was fun making it!!

Heath Vinyard

Always happy to hear someone made something happen. Tough business so success stories are great to hear. :)

Richard "RB" Botto

Awesome news, Clare. The Energizer Bunny strikes again.

Pup Che

I saw the teaser. It was very funny!

Pierre Langenegger

Fantastic news, Clare. Congratulations.

Paul Cascante


Chauncey Chester

Congrats was trying to access teaser but could not. Do you have a site for us to see and support.

Matt Sanford

congratulations - what an inspiring accomplishment

Kathryn Gould

What a GREAT title! Congratulations! How do we see the teaser? I'm in the process of making a couple of trailers myself, so I'd really be interested in taking a look!

Diana Murdock

Awesome!! Congratulations!

Kathryn Gould

Oh, I found it under your reel, Very very funny!!!

Mark Simborg

Funny! Loved it...

Clare Kilner

So glad you enjoyed it!

Clare Kilner

Thank you all for your lovely comments! It's much appreciated. I'll post something later today about the process!

Miche Collins

Congrats on doing it big!!

Clare Kilner

Hi all, You can see the teaser under my reel. Can anyone advise me how to post it in the lounge? Not quite sure why some people can't see it. To those who would like to know a bit more about the process: I basically put together a pitch packet for the series consisting of a Log Line, Character Breakdown, Ideas for five future episodes and how the series would develop over five seasons plus I wrote the script for the pilot - did all this on spec which is tough but probably a must. However, the main thing that sold NBW was this teaser. I wrote this as a standalone scene - I was then very lucky in that I met Ashley Jensen at a party - I've always loved her work so I made sure we exchanged numbers and then when I had the scene I texted her (I know) and she asked me to send her the scene. I did, and 5 minutes later she texted back that she was in. Avoiding the whole agent dance was major!! I then pulled together other actors from a acting for directors class that I had been attending, borrowed a Cannon 5D from a friend, borrowed another friend's house for the day and shot the scene. Actually we shot 2 different scenes but this was the one I preferred. Having something visual really helps me pitch - I always found pitching torturous but now I always take clips or photos in and it seems to turn the pitch into a conversation and when it's a conversation I can relax and enjoy it. The visuals also grab the Execs attention. If you would like more news on how things progress, I'm on twitter @clarekilner1 (I'm new to it so bare with me). Thanks for all your lovely comments. Clare

Dashama Gordon

Iove it :) Hilarious!

Tisa Yonts

Clare, I'm not sure what to say other than, FUNNY! :)

Denise Cruz-Castino

Very funny Clare!

Clare Kilner

Thanks Tisa and Denise. Glad it made you laugh!!

Linda Rumney

You've gotta love Ashley Jensen, she's a little Scottish treasure. Good luck with your project Clare - a cringingly funny sketch.

Diane Racine

Wonderfully awful audition!! You could feel her pain. I totally identified. Congrats!

Denise Cruz-Castino

Yes I do love Ashley Jensen. No one does uncomfortable better than her!

Jillian Bullock

Clare, great teaser.

JoAnn Pinkney Wilcox


Clare Kilner

Hi Martyn, Yes I'm not sure at this stage. Since its NBCUniversal there will be a co-production but I'm not yet sure with whom that will be. It's all changing so rapidly. Some days I think I can't keep up and others I think it's such a great time because it's all up for grabs. Is Netflix in the UK now? I was wondering if they've partnered with LOVEFILM or if they are competing with them.

Clare Kilner

Thanks so much Derek. Glad you enjoyed it!

Wayne G Sweat

That poor girl. That'd be a good time to call it a day.

Clare Kilner

Ha, ha, cheers Wayne!

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