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Introduce Yourself : NY-Based Screenwriter/Copywriter/Content Writer by Nadia Carmon

Nadia Carmon

NY-Based Screenwriter/Copywriter/Content Writer

Greetings from quarantine. I hope everyone has been able to stay safe from the insanity.

 I'm a NY-based writer trying to make the most of this time to build up my body of work as a screenwriter & gain valuable new experience as a writer in general. Currently I'm a script reader for two competitions, an entertainment writer, and a website copywriter.

I've been actively working on making new connections with (people at) companies I'd love to work with and learning more about storytelling through online resources like Film Courage & Studiobinder

My goal is to get more of my scripts produced, to explore other creative ways to develop my reel, and to establish myself as someone who does quality work in a number of areas that are useful to the industry.

Karen E Ross

Hey, Nadia Carmon! Great to meet you! I LOVE the part of your bio where you mention what you are currently watching versus what you have recently watched. #STEALING Also, LOVED Parasite, but still haven't seen Supernatural. With my love of CW's Arrow and The Flash, you'd think I would have by now!

What are you hoping to do ultimately- screenwriting? TV or film? You should definitely reach out to the S32 community with any of your questions on the Screenwriting Lounge: https://www.stage32.com/lounge/screenwriting or if you want something more structured to help you meet your writing goals, definitely check out the Writer's Room - I can't recommend it enough! https://www.stage32.com/writersroom

If you could write for any series/film past and current, what would they be and why?

Nadia Carmon

Hey Karen. I recently got to experience the S32 writing room. It was a great experience. Got to sit in on a few pitches and learned a great deal (now I can stop thinking of them as a 1:1 with Supreme Leader Snoke ;)). Also got to check out some of Jason's lectures, which were fantastic as well.

I'm only on S7 of Supernatural. It's basically over so I'm literally the last one to the party. It's ok. It's never too late to start. (I've seen a lot of episodes on TV, but those were mostly out of order, unless I had time to binge watch them in the morning on TNT :p). I actually haven't seen a lot of CW shows besides The 100, Constantine, Supernatural, and some Riverdale.

As for goals, I ultimately want to see more of my work produced, as a screenwriter. But I'm open enough to welcome new experiences along the way (writer's room, script analyst, etc)... But that's a major goal. Most of my ideas are for film, but can easily be adapted to other formats.

As for writing for a series/film, past or current...I pick the CBS show Evil. It's basically like a cross between The Exorcist and Black Mirror. It's such a great show on so many levels. The acting, the stories and the dialogue is spot on. The dialogue is full of existential questions about good and evil, the mind, and technology and the characters are so fully developed and well acted. Can't wait for season 2. (I actually started rewatching it a while back)

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