Introduce Yourself : Navid John Namazi - DP/Cam Op by Navid John Namazi

Navid John Namazi

Navid John Namazi - DP/Cam Op

Hey to whoever is reading this. My name is Navid Namazi. I have been working for the last 8 years in Orlando, FL as a DP/Camera Operator just until they cut the tax incentive for film. I then went out to California to network and work for a few months, then I went out to Boston to DP an independent Feature Film called Confused... By Love, and after that I went back down to Orlando to DP a good friends production, then I came back to New England and started my business Metamorphosis Media (Still developing the website) and I was brought out to Seattle, WA to start developing and start pre production on a show I will be helping to produce. It was a crazy year but it was also a good year, I love it! I am back and based near the Boston area. I have been in the area for most of the year and have met some really amazing people with great skills and ideas, but I would like to meet more people in the area and the people that would like to work with me. Check out my reel if you are interested in contacting me, my info is on my reel and my Stage 32 page.

Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

Hi Navid.... boy oh boy... what a fantastic busy year you've had. I wish you many more successes in all your endeavors. Congrats.

Navid John Namazi

Thank you so much, same to you Sylvia!


Welcome to Stage 32, Navid!

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