Introduce Yourself : New Memeber... by Nadine Ezra

Nadine Ezra

New Memeber...

Hi All! I've just joined and figured I'd introduce myself. I'm from New York. I'm a film person but am now working on the broadcast side of a large television network. I'm into photography, screenwriting, editing...I love to read and get lost in a good story. I travel as much as possible and love new experiences. I enjoy meeting new people, especially creative people, and just throwing ideas around and letting the creative juices flow. I welcome any and all introductions so, anyone feeling like a chat, feel free to touch base!

James Holzrichter

Welcome to the 32 :)

Nadine Ezra

Why thank you very much! Glad to be here :)

Sean Martin


Nadine Ezra


Jennifer Jiles

hi, Nadine, I'm relatively new to Stage 32, as well. There are a lot of really interesting and talented folks on here. Hope Lifetime is treating you well! It's nice to meet you.

Nadine Ezra

Thanks Jennifer! Nice to meet your too. So far so good. Seems like a decent place this Stage 32.

Kyle Vernor

Welcome Nadine! I'm also from New York and pretty new to the site. I wish you the best!

Nadine Ezra

Thanks Kyle! Same to you :)

Mary Ruth Tomasiewicz

Hey Nadine - I just joined about a minute ago :) I have an audio post company here in nyc and I'm looking to see if I can help anyone out who's making a pilot or a show etc.

Nadine Ezra

Hey Mary, nice to meet you! I'm not in acquisitions but I do know there is always a lot of stuff going on. Just keep your eyes and ears open! Good luck!

Mary Ruth Tomasiewicz

thanks Nadine!

Nadine Ezra

You bet!

Richard "RB" Botto

Welcome to the community, Nadine. Terrific to have you here.

Trista Godfrey

I'm also new, so welcome to the community!

Richard "RB" Botto

And a big welcome to you as well, Trista!

Nadine Ezra

Thanks Trista, and thank you Richard!

William Joseph Hill

Welcome! I'm new too, and just learning how to navigate around the community.

Nadine Ezra

Welcome to you too William!

Kev Minton

Welcome to Stage 32. I hope it meets your expectations. Kev

Muriel Campbell

I'm relatively new and also from New York though I'm bi-coastal and out in L.A. at the moment...welcome to the community.

Debbie Elicksen

Congrats on going into broadcasting. Looking forward to learning more about your work.

Nadine Ezra

Thanks Rob & Debbie

Nadine Ezra

@Benjamin - thank god for google translate. Now I can say: falemnderit :)

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