Introduce Yourself : New Screenwriter by Johnny Mann

Johnny Mann

New Screenwriter

Greetings everyone! I'm a new screenwriter( has written three screenplays in the genres of INSPIRATIONAL DRAMA/TEAR-JERKER(homelessness and overcoming adversity), HILARIOUS COMEDY(backwoods shenanigans) and R rated CRIME DRAMA(similar to "Training Day") I've studied with veteran actors Gilbert Lewis(Don Juan De Marco), Juney Smith(Lethal Weapon 2), Mike Nesbitt(Contraband), Los Angeles Script Supervisor, K.C. Calloway and Entertainment Lawyer, Raymond Reed. At the present time, the log lines and synopses for my screenplays, "Where In The World Is Matthew Redstone?'(Insp. Drama) and "Not On My Beat"(crime drama) is being submitted by Emmy and Peabody recipient, LEE LEVINSON. His contact info is: 247 4945/WGAe/917 597 4507. Screenwriter contact: 557 1281

Tracy Lea Carnes

Get yourself a professional email to show you're serious about your work. It's one of the first things agents and managers see before they even read your work. You may get overlooked and not read because of it.

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