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Natasha Mann-Harwood

New Theatre Company

Hi, this is my fourth attempt at introducing myself so I hope that this one works. I am a new theatre company offering interactive shows in the Liecestershire area. I will soon be looking for actors to help me set up and run it. When I am ready I will post details as a casting call. For now though, I will pop a link to my website below so you can check out the details and keep an eye on the progress. I am also a SFX makeup artist. I have a saying, I may not be able to make you look pretty, but I can make you look like you just had your face blown off. Thank you for your time.

Richard "RB" Botto

Welcome to the community, Natasha! Congrats on the new theater company! Break many legs!

Thakur Irfan Panchi

Welcome and congrats on the new theater

Tomasz Mieczkowski

When RB tells me to break legs I take it literally. Website looks nice and clean. Don't forget that you can use the jobs section for your casting calls as well: P.S. You must be everybody's best friend on Halloween. :)

Natasha Mann-Harwood

Lol, Yeah I'm pretty clumsy so I might actually do just that haha. Thank you for the feedback on my site Tomasz, it is much appreciated. I am just waiting on confirmation of a space and hopefully the casting calls will be posted by sunday. Halloween is my favourite time of year!!! I love making people look strange lol

Marjolein Smit

Hi , I am sorry now that I live so far away :) , hope you get help soon! Have a great weekend!

Natasha Mann-Harwood

Thanks, if you know anyone local Mrjolein please let them know to look me up on linked in, facebook @AATPmysterygames twitter @AATPmysteries and here.

Diane Morton-Gattullo

Welcome to the community!

Marjolein Smit

Hello Natasha, Have you thought of the performing arts students , GCSE level or the UNI’s ? Maybe post something on their bulletin board at the schools or on their Facebook page. Call the schools ask if anybody needs an internship? Maybe you can get a steady stream of students that you don’t have to pay? They get experience and you help? Post on actors job sites, Facebook groups, Local newspapers might put in a free piece on a new exiting venture? I wish I still lived in England, then I would have liked to become a part of it. I registered for your newsletter and became a Facebook member to your page so I am keeping up with you. You never know what the future holds right? I have tweeted my sign up out. And will for sure keep my eyes open for actors and teachers in your neighborhood. I was in England in 99 and haven’t kept in touch with fellow student’s sorry. But Keep up the good work Natasha, I am sure it will come together!!! , Have great weekend , greetings Marjolein ( Mack )


Welcome to Stage 32, Natasha!

Natasha Mann-Harwood

Thank you Marjelein for your advice. Much of which I will be taking. Unfortunately, student actors let me down last time I tried. I'd rather have paid, professionals this time. I would be very greatful if you could let anyone know who might be interested. The auditions are on 14th and 15th August

Susan Scott

where is the film at 11 today?

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