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New Writer

Hello all. Obviously I am new to Stage 32. I am a writer, but I am also in the military so I don't have that much time to write. Wish I did. I saw this website on one of the writing groups I am on in Facebook. Now, I should tell you, I have no idea how to script write, but I do have stories to share. I have written two books, one that I am redoing, and I am working on my third write now. I joined to site mostly as a way to network and get a good idea of other things besides writing that are out there. I hope to be actively involved in most everything in this group.

Linda Kennedy

Also making an attempt to get more into the social aspect of the networking little time for it

Logan Scott Matthews

You could also consider screenwriting yourself, but do what is true to your heart! and thank you for your service!

Tim Yingling

I don't think I could try screenwriting. I never had, or have taken a class on it, but it just doesn't seem like something that would interest me.

Mark Sherman

People will always be interested in adapting a good book to a screenplay. Play your strengths and the rest will follow.

Tshepo David

I'll advise you to buy screenwriting books and view the structure and format. Learn from books like: save the cat or write a screenplay in 21 days. I think your military skills and experience will help you come up with exciting military film. Good luck.

Andy Moseley

Hi Tim, scriptwriting whether its for screen, stage or TV is very different from writing a book. When it comes to adapting a book, the biggest challenge is working out what to leave out from the book and letting go of some of the bits that you really like, but just don't work in a film. The recent film version of The 100 Year Old Man who Climbed out of a Window is a good example of an adaptation that went wrong as they tried to keep far too much in it and ended up with too many short clips and not enough story and characters coming through. I disagree with Alle about the value of classes, there are some good ones out there, and they can help, although there are also a lot that just want your money and teach you nothing. Good luck with your writing, whatever it is and whenever you do it!

Josh Hayden

Hey Tim! Thank you for your service. Welcome to the site man. I love meeting new people and hopefully we will get to talk about our work. Scriptwriting is a very exciting process but its also a lot of work. I am fine with that. I remember when I wrote my first script I had no idea what I was doing. That was 6 years ago. I am still writing today and still there's so much to learn. Writing is all about learning and re-writing. And of course a touch of inspiration. Ian Brennan wrote Glee with the help of a little manual called Screenwriting for Dummies and look at him now! :) Can't wait to get to know you more and talk about our material.

Saipan Television Ventures

good for you tim..What unit are you in(Hope thats cool to ask) The above advice is spot on..Peter

Tim Yingling

Can't really give the unit, but I am in Louisiana.

Jackie Penn

Welcome, Tim. As you learn and get better at script and screen writing I'm sure you can use your military experiences in your writings.

Ivan Alexei Dominguez

Welcome to Stage32 Tim. Best regards Ivan

Thomas Linnell

like you, I am a military veteran who turned to writing after I got out a few years ago. I found the same thing out , when I was in I had no time at all, and when I got out that's when I decided to start writing.welcome to the site.

Philip Sedgwick

WGA has an annual event for vets. You can e-mail or call (info at the end of this article) to see how it might apply for active duty members. A vet myself.

Diane Kryzaniak

Hello Tim, Welcome to Stage 32. First I would like to Thank you for your Service. If you want to network, this is the best place to do it. So connect with as many fellow creative as you can. This is a wonderful site. Congratulations on your books. I wish you the best of luck.

Saipan Television Ventures

No worries..i understand..Best of luck and keep writing!

Andrew Mondia

Wow that is awesome. Just keep at it really and don't give up. Whatever time you can dedicate is great. We are here for you.

Steve Sherman

Howdy, Tim, and thank you for your service! I have also written a couple of books, then broke into screenwriting (still breaking it, hard to tame!). It sounds like you have not yet settled into a script write process. You need first to keep writing! You might consider what your writing process flow should be. Writing is rewriting. But, I have found contentment in using the following flow to get the story structure solid and gradually move to screenwriting format. My flow includes Dramatica -> Outline 4D -> Screenwriter 6. I use other tools and approaches as well, but this core flow helps me focus on ideas and structure first, including building characters. Once I have that down, the rest tends to flow better. Every writer has a preferred approach. Find what works for you. And, write! If you just have ideas, jot those down quickly and save them somewhere. Get a big pile of ideas. Work on the best ideas when you get time to sit down and do it right. And, good luck!

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